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Potential Elements of an Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program


(including salaries, benefits and burdens)

  • O&M personnel
  • Management/Supervisory
  • Process Expert

Operating Expenses

  • Vehicle expenses, including vehicle leases, and gasoline
  • Insurance, general liability and workers comp
  • Telephone, including land lines, and mobile, internet, etc.
  • Outside services, including janitorial, equipment rental, etc.
  • Laboratory expenses for in-house lab, lab and safety supplies


Management Services

  • Develop and implement comprehensive process management program
  • Responsibility for assisting in the staffing, recruiting, training, certification and all other human resource requirements related to our scope of work
  • Reporting and regulatory support
  • 24/7/365 coverage of the day-to-day operations of the infrastructure
  • Remote monitoring of the system during off-hours, and emergency response as necessary
  • Residuals and maintenance management of the system, including outside services, and equipment rental
  • Conduct training of existing and new employees

O&M Services

  • Monitor automated system operations through receipt and review of operating data and alarms
  • Provide required, preventive and reactive maintenance and calibration to optimize treatment system up-time and availability for use
  • Provide ongoing technical support, as reasonably requested, to characterize residuals (waste) generated by the treatment process
  • Respond to regulatory- or permit-related questions that arise during the normal course of operation
  • Provide remote and on-site response to meet agreed time limit service level criteria


Capital Inputs

  • Chemicals (electron donor, nutrients, polymer/coagulant) and consumables necessary for the operation of the treatment unit on an agreed basis
  • Outside laboratory services
  • Repair or replace system components that fail in order to maintain the system in sound operating condition
  • Provide replacement media, if required
  • Capital improvements





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