Specialized Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Innovative technologies for high strength wastewater, nutrient removal and VOC control.

The Envirogen Service Center

Services & Systems for Specialized Water Treatment Needs

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The Envirogen Service Center – located in Memphis, TN – is the primary research, application technology and logistical support group for Envirogen’s North American operations. This resource is also available to support a broad range of activities for water treatment and manufacturing operations outside our company. More than 30 years of experience with adsorptive and filtration technologies makes our people specialists in media regeneration, related laboratory services, and the design, installation, and operation of temporary and mobile systems for a broad range of industrial and municipal requirements.

The Envirogen Service Center also houses our aftermarket products and services business. Water treatment and manufacturing operations can rely on us for rapid supply of media, membranes, and cartridge or bag filter solutions. A comprehensive offering, expert personnel, and rapid response are the foundation of our work for our aftermarket customers.


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The Envirogen Service Center offers a comprehensive program for maintaining your ion exchange and adsorptive media systems with optimum performance and low operating costs. Our capabilities cover a broad range of contaminants, including metals. We provide a full range of services for:

  • Service exchange for 8”, 14”, 30” and 36” diameter ion exchange vessels
  • Toll processing/regeneration of customer media
  • Custom resin loading of vessels to meet customer requirements
  • Analytical laboratory testing, bench scale trials, at-site piloting


Temporary and Mobile SystemsManu 4

Envirogen Technologies is a designer, supplier and servicer of temporary and mobile treatment systems for industrial feedwa­ter, process water and wastewater applications. We specialize in the rapid development of solutions in our lab and deployment of those solutions at your site – with the ability to perform bench scale and at-site pilot testing.

  • Industrial Feedwater: Removal of sodium, hardness (calcium and magnesium), barium, chlorides, sulfates, alkalinity and silica, (deionization)
  • Waste/Process Water: Treatment and/or the recovery of metals or other contaminates (molybdenum, chromium, selenium, others)
  • Municipal applications: Treatment of arsenic, radium, uranium, and organics (TCE, PCB, etc.)


Aftermarket Products & Services

Ion Exchange Resin

  • Resin supply, (Cationic, Anionic. Chelating & Mixed Bed)
  • Resin & media analysis


  • All major manufacturers of RO and Nano Membranes
  • On-site & Off-site membrane cleaning for 8” elements
  • Used Membranes


  • Cartridge filters: Pre-Filters, Post-Filters, and Vent Filters
  • Filter housings: Single and Multi-Tube, Stainless and Plastics
  • Bag filters and housings: All sizes and materials

Replacement Parts

  • Strainers: Stainless Steel & Plastic
  • Laterals: Wedge Wire, Slotted & Screened
  • Valves, Actuators, Pumps and Sight Glasses
  • Replacement vessels: ASME® Code and Non-Code

Filter Media

  • Sand, Garnett, Gravel, Zeolite, MnO2, Greensand Plus™ and Anthracite
  • Bulk Media


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