We're a Lifecycle Performance Company

Meet your goals. Protect your investment. At Envirogen Technologies, we are with you from the moment you start planning to the end of the service life of your installation.

Lifecycle Cost

At Envirogen Technologies, Inc., we understand that by far the most important - and expensive - part of a treatment system installation is the operating cost over a 10- to 20-year life. If the long-term operating costs of a system are not properly considered with the invested capital, then the water provider or company acquiring the system does not achieve the financial performance or efficiency it thought it was paying for. If careful consideration is not given to operations and maintenance up front, long-term costs will be too high.

Our approach is to work with the client to determine the lowest lifecycle cost by evaluating various approaches to balance initial design and build costs with ongoing operating costs to develop predictable, reliable performance and optimization of the investment.

Envirogen delivers technology through long-term relationships that enable clients to predict and budget operating costs. For a range of treatment needs, our scope can include elements of planning and design, through implementation and permitting, and ongoing maintenance and residual disposal to complement the internal capabilities of the customer as well as the scope of other project partners.

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