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Groundwater Treatment Solutions

 Design, Installation and Operating SupportGW 1

Envirogen personnel have extensive experience developing solutions for corporations or responsible parties accountable for treating and managing contaminated groundwater.  This experience includes the design and installation of proven technology and extends to the on-going operations & maintenance activities required for remediation operations and Superfund sites.


Proven technology portfolioGW 22

The Envirogen team has a successful history of installing systems to effectively treat groundwater contamination from past industrial, commercial, agricultural and military activity to produce water suitable for reinjection, re-use or surface discharge. In the United States, Envirogen has over 30 installations of our fluidized bed reactor technology (FBR) for groundwater treatment applications, treating organic and inorganic contaminants and has demonstrated the ability to treat multiple targets effectively. We also have extensive experience with high-performing ion exchange (IX) technology in treating groundwater as well as traditional pump and treat installations. Our membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) offers solutions for groundwaters with recalcitrant organics, high contaminant concentrations, or for sites where system footprint is a concern.

Our commitment goes beyond simply saving our customers money while delivering sound designs and functioning equipment. We are very familiar with the requirements imposed by state and federal remediation project regulations and operating protocol. We work with our customers on an on-going basis to provide expert advice in process optimization and operator training to effectively meet regulatory requirements.

Operations supportGW3

From small pump and treat systems for gasoline contamination, to designing large scale systems for treating several hundred gallons per minute, Envirogen can help optimize processes and reduce O&M costs.   Our personnel possess a wide range of experience in support of core operations & maintenance functions. 

  • Permitting – Air, Land Use
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Process control & optimization
  • System upgrades – design and construction services
  • Treatability studies
  • Instrumentation installation, maintenance and calibration
  • Automation and SCADA system integration

 For more information on our Integrated Operations Services, go here.



Envirogen personnel have decades-long experience supporting activities at Superfund sites.  We have provided design/build and comprehensive operations & maintenance services for several Superfund clients on both the East and West coasts, and have also upgraded several systems by installing new process equipment, SCADA and automation systems. 

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