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Water Treatment Solutions for the Mining Industry

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Today’s mining activities have some of the highest use rates of water in industry. At the same time, the mining operations are coming under increasing scrutiny from a regulatory standpoint – with new limits affecting the industry’s ability to grow.

Envirogen offers a broad portfolio of technologies that can impact a number of areas in mining facilities. These include process and potable water, mining run-off waters, wastewater and groundwater treatment applications. Today, we’re at the forefront of technology development for selenium treatment for coal mining waters with our fluidized bed reactor (FBR) technology, and have proprietary ion exchange (IX) technology to strip ammonia from contaminated mine water - allowing mines to use efficient explosives.

Envirogen Technology for Mining/Minerals

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Envirogen’s patented fluidized bed reactor (FBR) biological treatment technology has been proven as a ‘best in class’ approach for handling both large and small flow rates of selenium-containing wastewater, with low capital and operating costs, over a wide range of influent and discharge limit conditions. The noteworthy features of Envirogen FBR technology include its ability to consistently reduce selenium levels to less than 5 μg/L, shorter required residence times for treatment and a smaller overall footprint. Its flexibility in the choice of electron donor chemicals can translate into capital and operating cost savings with reduced solids generation. It also responds well to changes in feed flow and composition, consistently achieving discharge limit conditions. In addition, these systems can be modular, with all-weather protection as needed.

Evidence of our FBR efficacy continues to be demonstrated at a mining operation in West Virginia, where the Envirogen FBR system achieves <4.7ppb effluent in a 2800 GPM, 3 reactor, anoxic water treatment system. Read more about our experience in mining.

For applications with very low effluent limits, a polishing step can be implemented using Envirogen’s unique Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) featuring Zero Valent Iron technology. By employing this engineered adsorptive material, mining operators can achieve non-detect levels of selenium in the effluent. The AMRS media has high porosity, surface area and reactivity and therefore provides exceptional adsorptive capacity for not only selenium but also chromium, arsenic and other heavy metals.



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