Improve the Environmental Footprint of Manufacturing

From process design to DBO installations, Envirogen purifies in-process and byproduct streams, manages difficult-to-treat wastewaters and provides answers for vapor phase emissions and odor control.


A fundamental part of Envirogen's offering to the marketplace is its broad, but targeted technology portfolio. This includes a strong position in high efficiency ion exchange and the use of a variety of adsorptive media that are adaptable to different types of organic and inorganic contaminants and process requirements.

We also have a strong biological treatment platform with both modular and built-in-place systems for highly cost-effective treatment in a range of applications, including odor control, nutrient removal, water re-use, wastewater and groundwater. Other contaminant removal and destruction technologies include coagulation filtration, chemical purification and advanced oxidation. Envirogen's offerings are often modular in design for ease of installation and rapid start-up.

Primary applications for our systems include treatment of groundwater for the delivery of high-quality potable water, groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, water-reuse, nutrient removal, and odor and VOC control for municipal and industrial markets.

In the industrial markets such as mining, hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing, we specialize in process water treatment, byproduct recovery and chemical purification. 


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