Sustainable Emissions Control Solutions

'Green' technology that delivers long-term solutions at lower cost

BiofiltersAir Treatment

Envirogen's biofiltration systems safely destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and odor-causing chemicals. These systems provide an attractive alternative to standard thermal, chemical and adsorptive processes to treat air pollutants safely, reliably and cost effectively, with low capital and operating costs. 

Biofilters use naturally occurring microorganisms to treat air containing reduced sulfur compounds, VOCs and other odorous substances. Foul air is collected and sent to the biofilter where microorganisms metabolize the target contaminants to cleane the air stream.

Our modular treatment system units offer the following features:

  • Operating costs that are a fraction of those produced by other, energy-hungry technologies.
  • No dangerous chemicals are required for operation, minimizing exposure to employees and the public.
  • Simple, low-cost operation and maintenance. The self-regulating system is extremely easy to operate and does not require time-consuming instrument calibration.
  • Long media life. Our engineered media is designed to give maximum performance and up to 10 years of active life.
  • Modular construction. Our biofilters have been designed for ease of installation, using pre-assembled modular units and standardized system components.

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