Improve the Environmental Footprint of Manufacturing

From process design to DBO installations, Envirogen purifies in-process and byproduct streams, manages difficult-to-treat wastewaters and provides answers for vapor phase emissions and odor control.


The team at Envirogen has a long history of harnessing the science of microbiology to produce high-performance bioreactor systems engineered to eliminate even recalcitrant chemicals from aqueous streams, providing high-quality, potentially recyclable water.




For a broad range of influent flow rates and contaminant concentration levels, our fluidized bed reactor (FBR) system is often the most economical treatment choice. With aerobic, anaerobic and anoxic designs available, systems have been successfully operated at ranges from 5 to 6,000 GPM, yielding high performance paired with low capital and operating costs. 

Whatever the problem – chemicals, aromatics, alcohols, ketones, chlorinated solvents, PAHs, hydrocarbons, BTEX, perchlorates or nitrates – the FBR system handles high flows at low cost with typical treatment efficiencies of 99 percent or higher.

Additionally, this is one of the most efficient denitrification processes available today. Our FBR denitrification process lowers discharge  levels of nitrogen in wastewater to less than 0.1 mg/l NO3-N. This simple end-of-pipe solution can use different carbon sources, does not require backwashing, produces minimal biosoloids, and does not have filter upsets due to accumulating nitrogen bubbles.

FBR Design Advantages:

  • Cost effective across a variety of contaminants treated
  • High-quality effluent produced from a small footprint
  • Capable of handling both hydraulic and organic shock loads

To read about how our FBR technology is treating perchlorate for a former manufacturing facility in Nevada, click here.

To read a progress report on the first ever use of FBR technology to treat perchlorate in groundwater destined for drinking water supplies, click here.

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Membrane BioreactorMBRs

Our membrane bioreactor (MBR) system designs are particularly well-suited to wastewater or groundwater sources with recalcitrant organics, high contaminant concentrations, highly variable influent composition and/or for sites where system footprint is a concern.

The MBR offers an excellent solution for in-process, at-source treatment applications and can be used in very demanding applications, including streams not commonly considered amenable to biotreatment.

Applications include batch chemical plant effluents, landfill leachate, chlorinated solvents in manufacturing wastewaters, publicly owned treatment works with space restrictions, phosphorous control and wastewater from pharmaceutical intermediate manufacture and food and beverage processing.  

Envirogen Advantages:

  • High-quality effluent produced from a wide range of raw water conditions, suitable for re-use
  • Degradation of recalcitrant chemical contaminants
  • Small footprint

Submerged MediaSCRs

The integrated, fixed-film moving bed, activated sludge biological Suspended Carrier Reactor (SCR) system designs utilized by Envirogen for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters are particularly well suited for retrofit of existing conventional municipal activated sludge installations operating at, or exceeding, removal capacity. The SCR is also ideal for achieving nitrogen control or improved nitrogen reduction.

The process is simple in mechanical design, requiring minimal  additional instrumentation, controls or operator attention and maintenance requirements to the upgraded conventional activated sludge system.

Envirogen Advantages:

  • Potential to increase capacity by 100% with low purchase, installation and operating costs
  • Consistant effluent quality with tolerance for upset and surge conditions
  • Provides more effective reduction of nitrogen and other contaminants
  • Net zero impact on plant footprint and existing plant operating labor requirements
  • Simple mechanical design and rapid start-up


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