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Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a proven, well known technology that has been used commercially in a wide variety of applications for over 50 years. Ion exchange has been designated as a "Best Available Technology" by the EPA for the removal of arsenic from drinking water sources. 

Envirogen deploys a range of ion exchange system designs to remove a target contaminant or a combination of contaminants. Particular benefits may be found when multiple anionic contaminants are present (i.e., perchlorate, nitrate, uranium), as the treatment problem might be effectively addressed with a single technology.

Ion exchange is the process of removing ionic compounds from a water or solvent stream by employing the greater affinity that a particular ion has for the resin than for remaining in solution.  The result is "capture" of the ion on the resin. When the capacity of the resin to hold a particular ion is reached, the resin is "exhausted." Some designs call for single-use resin; others for the resin to be regenerated. The regeneration process involves passing a regenerant solution over the resin to mobilize the targeted contaminant ions through reaching the level of solubility required to liberate the ion from the resin bead into solution. The regeneration process can involve a salt or an acid or base.

We have developed designs to meet the conditions found at municipal water well sites. Considerations include varying water treatment volume, start-up/shut-down type operations, protection from the elements, security, quiet operation, and safe delivery and handling of materials in and out of the site.

Our proprietary multi-bed system configuration can be sequenced in and out of service automatically using our proven process control software to produce very low waste rates while meeting a wide range of volume requirements. We employ remote monitoring and communication capability to enable our customers and field service technicians to ensure proper performance and attend the unit as needed.

The designs we employ are aimed at minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency by supporting compliant blending processes.

Advantages offered by Envirogen ion exchange system designs include:

  • Shop-built, modular designs delivered for quick, easy installation and start-up.
  • High-efficiency, multi-bed designs to produce waste rates that match available disposal options while minimizing regenerant inputs and waste products, as consumables and waste handling drive the overall cost of contaminant removal in many locations.
  • Redundancy and control system capabilities that provide the data system set-point optimization needed to ensure quality goals are continuously met while minimizing operating costs.
  • Sensing, data logging and remote communication capabilities to enable operators to review and attend the unit as needed either from a distance or on site

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