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Regeneration/Small Systems

Envirogen offers pre-engineered and packaged treatment solutions for select contaminant removal in potable water system with well flows from 50 to 900 gpm. Our central regeneration facility enables Envirogen to offer low flow systems that use vessel or media exchange where on-site regeneration of media is not cost effective. We also have the capability to deliver mobile systems for short-duration treatment needs.

Our services range from design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment; as well as handling of the exhausted media and waste management. Our service may also include a sampling program, whereby effluent water samples are tested on a regular basis. For maximum efficiency, systems are easily adaptable, and the vessels can be configured to treat a wide range of flows. Envirogen has the technology and facilities to process and regenerate exhausted ion exchange resin and other adsorptive media to return it to service with restored treatment capacity.

Small system and regeneration service advantages:

  • Off-site waste treatment and proper residual management
  • No on-site chemicals or regeneration process
  • Vessels easily exchanged, modular and easily expandable
  • Minimum operator attention required
  • Enhanced media capacity and service life

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