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From process design to DBO installations, Envirogen purifies in-process and byproduct streams, manages difficult-to-treat wastewaters and provides answers for vapor phase emissions and odor control.

EnviroHPA™ Systems: A High-Performance, Cost-Effective Alternative to Activated Carbon

Advanced Adsorbent Media and Custom Designed Systems Deliver Guaranteed Performance with Low- to No-Capital Investment and 20-50% Savings versus Carbon SystemsThe EnviroHPA Offering

EnviroHPA™ Systems are a 21st century alternative to environmental treatment applications featuring activated carbon (GAC). The EnviroHPA offering features a range of ultra-high performing adsorbent media that will treat a wide variety of organic contaminants in systems that are designed, installed and operated by Envirogen under multi-year agreements.

Activated carbon has been an excellent tool in environmental treatment for decades for its low cost and adaptability into different applications. However, advances in material science have given us a whole new range of adsorbing media, which when expertly applied, have incredible performance characteristics and offer significant improvements in both treatment efficiency and cost performance. Today, Envirogen brings together process design & engineering with the ability to install and operate systems – while providing long-term performance guarantees and the ability to finance projects. This delivers a low lifecycle cost option for replacing GAC systems.

Cutting-edge benefits for EnviroHPA Systems include:

  • Lower lifecycle costs - by as much as 20-50%
  • Improved media kinetics & higher loading capacities
  • Enhanced treatment, recovery & re-use options
  • Smaller system footprint & infrastructure requirements
  • On-site regeneration of media
  • Substantially smaller carbon footprint than GAC
  • Pay-for-performance design, build & operate optionWater Adsorption Capacity

The initial applications for EnviroHPA Systems will be in the hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing industries for and removal and recovery of select organics from wastewater, groundwater and vapor phase streams. Envirogen expects to have similar offerings for potable groundwater treatment, municipal wastewater treatment and other applications in the near future. Depending on the goals of the facility, EnviroHPA Systems can handle mixed or pure organic streams. Treatment objectives range from removal and waste reduction, to recovery/re-use and conversion to energy.

Advanced adsorbent technology

For industrial aqueous and vapor phase treatment applications, Envirogen employs synthetic adsorbents manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company (DOW). These adsorbents offer a very high surface area and optimized pore size distribution – characteristics that offer substantially increased Organic Contaminant Removal Ratiosabsorption capacity, rapid adsorption kinetics, a range of desorption options and excellent physical and chemical stability. Faster kinetics and higher contaminant loading can translate into higher hydraulic rates with a smaller system footprint - decreasing operations and maintenance costs for the treatment process and lowering initial capital expenditures for overall site improvements and utilities that accompany an adsorbent installation.

Benefits of EnviroHPA Adsorbents

  • Spherical beads
  • Unique pore structure and surface chemistry
  • Excellent physical integrity
  • Do not support bacterial growth
  • Work well in humid environments
  • Up to 5X to 10X adsorption capacity of GAC
  • Fast adsorption: 5X to 20X volumetric flow rate
  • Low chemical reactivity: stable to chlorine
  • Extremely durable: long use life
  • Fast desorption kinetics
  • Applicable to liquid or vapor treatment
  • Regenerated – on site

Extended bed life offers a range of advantages

The extended bed life of EnviroHPA media is critical to a number of advantages in a comparison with activated carbon. Long-use media that is dependably regenerated on site offers substantially lower operating costs than activated carbon, which must be reactivated or disposed off-site when it is spent. Costs for reactivating carbon are high – both in transportation and in the energy that is required to conduct the process. In-place reactivation eliminates the transportation logistics associated with supply and removal of activated carbon from the site, and may offer significant reduction in the scale of site improvements required and handling truck traffic. Regeneration of the EnviroHPA media provides a more predictable, lower cost for operation and maintenance over the life of the project – especially when fluctuating prices for activated carbon are factored in. It also offers a significant environmental savings by decreasing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Significant savings on carbon footprint

EnviroHPA SystemsThe reactivation of GAC is an energy intensive process – both for the trucking required as well as the high heat required to reactivate the carbon. For installations using high amounts of GAC, replacing these systems can have a dramatic impact on a facility’s overall carbon footprint. In one study for a facility using 5 million pounds of GAC per year, the EnviroHPA System was shown to be able to reduce carbon emissions by 65% or over 70 million pounds over the 10-year projected life of the project. For more information on lowering your facilty's carbon footprint, contact us.

Bringing the elements together

Envirogen Technologies is uniquely positioned to bring the advantages offered by EnviroHPA Systems to the HPI/CPI industries. This includes the experience over 30 years of work with adsorptive media, process development, systems engineering and deployment. It also includes a broad, high-performing technology portfolio and operations & management expertise. Finally, Envirogen’s financing options and lifecycle performance business model – along with performance and asset lifetime guarantees – deliver the most reliable, best cost solution to replacing conventional GAC systems.

More information on EnvirHPA Systems is available. Contact us to discuss your specific application.

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