Arsenic Treatment Systems

Envirogen has proven designs to treat water flow rates from 5 GPM to 6,000 GPM and higher. For higher flows, we employ either high-efficiency ion exchange or coagulation filtration technology to optimize the advantage to the customer. Our ion exchange system produces a fraction of the waste generated by conventional arsenic removal systems, resulting in lower operating costs. For lower flows, Envirogen employs a system based upon arsenic-selective media and offers the option of off-site regeneration at our central facility. We also support the management of waste residuals.

Envirogen also offers an alternative solution for Arsenic using our Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) featuring FerroLock™ Zero Valent Iron Technology.

See Envirogen’s US Patents 6706195 and 8034244 for more detail on our proprietary Ion Exchange process for treating arsenic.