Envirogen’s Memphis, TN Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration Plant adds High-Purity Capabilities

For over 25 years, Envirogen has operated a state-of-the art Ion Exchange (IX) resin regeneration facility in Memphis, TN. IX resin regeneration is a process that takes used/spent IX resin and processes the resin for reuse. In 2020, Envirogen invested in the facility to allow for the regeneration of High-Purity resin. High-Purity resin is typically used by customers who require the strictest water purification methods in their water treatment system.

Now Envirogen can assist customers manage their incoming, process and wastewater by offering resin regeneration services in our Memphis Service Center for resins used in a wide range of applications from ultrapure water to wastewater laden with heavy metals. In addition, our in-house analytical laboratory offers quality testing services for resin physical properties and condition, capacity, and fouling as well as water testing to assist in selection of the optimum resins and systems for your specific process.

With our High Purity regeneration system, we can:
• Provide highly effective and efficient processing of mixed bed resin from complete separation to enhanced mixing to final high purity rinse down

With our IX regeneration to remove heavy metals, we can:
• Regenerate the resin and dispose of the waste, relieving you of that burden

And regardless of your application Envirogen provides:
• Resin Segregation- Each customers’ resin is segregated and never co-mingled with other customers’ resins
• Full Service Exchange program using our rental DI tanks and vessels with resin matched to your flow requirements if you do not have your own tanks and resin

We can accept IX resin in tanks, super sacks, totes, and drums.