Markets and Applications

Envirogen serves the water treatment and odor control needs of a wide range of market sectors.

Industrial Markets

Envirogen has specialized technologies for treating potable water, process water and wastewater for mining sites to meet the compliance, quality, reliability and cost efficiency requirements that the industry demands. For example, Envirogen offers a technology portfolio designed to respond to the nitrate and selenium treatment requirements of mining applications. Our patented fluidized bed reactor (FBR) biological treatment technology (FBR) has been proven as a ‘best in class’ approach for handling large flow rates of nitrate and selenium-containing wastewater, with low capital and operating costs, and over a wide range of influent and discharge limit conditions.

Envirogen applies our cutting edge FBR and advanced metals removal system (AMRS) technologies to solve complex waste water treatment issues in power plants. We treat nitrate and selenium in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) blowdown as well as selenium and other metals in legacy wastewater and leachate associated with coal combustion residuals (CCR).

The Envirogen team has a long and successful history of installing systems to effectively treat groundwater contamination from past industrial, commercial, agricultural and military activity to produce water suitable for reinjection, reuse or surface discharge. The high-performance bioreactor technologies in our portfolio have been deployed against a number of difficult treatment problems with great success and has demonstrated the ability to treat multiple targets effectively. In addition, we have applied various physical chemical, adsorptive, membrane and ion exchange technologies to treat groundwater and soil remediation projects.

Our experience includes not only the design and installation of proven technology but also extends to the on-going operations & maintenance activities required for remediation operations and Superfund sites.

Envirogen offers state-of-the-art incoming and process water treatment, process filtration, product purification, wastewater and water reuse technologies, providing solutions at each stage of the food and beverage manufacturing process. We excel at delivering best solutions to a range of customers producing beer, wine, soft drinks, and other food and beverage products. In addition, we provide odor control for emissions generated from wastewater processes and solids handling facilities.


Envirogen offers bioreactor, biofilter, ion exchange and adsorptive media solutions for aqueous process streams, wastewater, vapor phase emission and odor control in downstream hydrocarbon processing operations.

The Envirogen team has proven capabilities in delivering cost-effective system designs and ongoing services to improve manufacturing operations through purification of in-process product or byproduct streams and to manage difficult-to-treat wastewater streams from chemical manufacturing operations with high efficiency technologies.

Envirogen experts have experience with industrial wastewater treatment systems utilized in the pharmaceutical, chemical, transportation, paper and metal finishing industries.

Non-Industrial Markets

For over 30 years, Envirogen has actively contributed to various water and wastewater projects within the military sector and associated federal organizations. Our extensive experience encompasses collaboration with key branches of the U.S. military, including the Air Force, Navy, and Army, as well as the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and several support contractors serving the military.

Our broad technology portfolio allows us to solve the toughest challenges in many applications. To see details on our capabilities in these applications, visit the specific market page of interest.

Applications Across Markets

Incoming Water Treatment

Treating and filtering water at the incoming stage is fundamental to the efficiency of the process further downstream. Whether the water is sourced from a municipality, well or surface water, Envirogen will recommend the appropriate technologies to provide the desired water quality level for your application.

Potable Water

Traditional supplies of drinking water are becoming compromised from natural contaminants and pollutants introduced from agricultural and industrial activity. Envirogen’s targeted technology portfolio and site-tailored solutions allow water providers to tap into available groundwater supplies, economically treat them to remove harmful contaminants and control ongoing treatment costs.

The capabilities of our team have been proven through installation and support of wellhead treatment and multi-well, central treatment units for the removal of specific contaminants for flows ranging from 50 gallons per minute (gpm) to 6,000 gpm. We have deployed solutions based upon ion exchange, adsorptive media, coagulation filtration and biological systems to remove a range of contaminants to serve potable water supply needs.

Process Water

Envirogen has technology and process expertise to deliver solutions for water treatment in boiler feed make-up water, product water, rinse/cleaning water, as well as potable water for manufacturing plants.


Today, increasingly stringent effluent guidelines combined with the rising costs of operation has prompted many municipalities and companies to focus attention on improving the performance and efficiency of wastewater treatment.

The ideal treatment technology should offer a synergistic blend between treatment performance and operating costs. Envirogen designs wastewater treatment systems to meet the treatment objective with the customer’s total cost in mind; optimizing performance while minimizing costs.

Odor Control

Industry and municipal utilities are faced with challenges as they seek to comply with stringent air pollution regulations and odor complaints.

Envirogen offers cost-effective biofilters as an ideal solution for the treatment of air pollutants and odors such as VOCs, HAPs, and hydrogen sulfide from municipal and a wide range of industrial sources.

Landfill Leachate

Envirogen designs the treatment system depending on the contaminants in the leachate that need to be treated. One of Envirogen’s approach to treating municipal landfill leachate is to employ our crossflow MBR technology, based on multi-tubular ultrafiltration (UF) membrane process, coupled to high rate anoxic & aerobic bioreactors to efficiently treat difficult waste streams. This step can be followed by additional treatment if required for compliance.

Research, Development and Piloting Capabilities

In addition to designing full scale systems, we also offer small, bench-scale studies and on-site pilot-testing to validate system design and fully meet the client’s requirements. Using fundamental research, we can identify the optimal and most effective system for a particular treatment.

Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M)

Envirogen offers a broad range of services for plant management, operations, and service of complete treatment systems. Read more.