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End-to-End Water Solutions…and Beyond

Envirogen offers state-of-the-art water treatment, process filtration, wastewater and reuse technologies, providing solutions at each stage of the food and beverage manufacturing process. In addition, we provide odor control for emissions generated from wastewater.spacer

With installations throughout the world, Envirogen is a leader in water, filtration and wastewater treatment for the food and beverage industry, with a track record of providing effective, reliable solutions to a broad range of customer types.

For wineries specifically, Envirogen is actively working with a number of wineries and offering assistance to meet the new Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) for wineries, established in 2021 by the California Water Board.  Affected wineries can learn more by viewing the webinar presented by the CA Water Board explaining the new WDR.  Envirogen is proud to be a member of the Wine Institute and to support all wineries with their water and wastewater treatment challenges.

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Envirogen Technologies for Food & Beverage Facilities

Incoming Water Treatment

Treating and filtering water at the incoming stage is fundamental to the efficiency of the process further downstream. Raw water can be treated by a number of technologies, depending on your application.

  • Multi-media filtration
  • Adsorption with GAC
  • Ion exchange and demineralization
  • Disinfection with UV
  • Softening
  • Cartridge filtration
  • Membrane – reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration

Process & Reuse Water Treatment

Within your facility, process water treatment can ensure consistency, sterility, shelf-life and clarity. It’s at this stage that some process water can be recovered for re-use – helping you reduce water footprint and achieve sustainability targets.

Technologies employed include:

  • Membrane – microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis
  • Advanced CIP integrated systems
  • Disinfection using UV
  • Deaeration
  • Cartridge filtration systems

Wastewater Treatment

Whether your goal is to meet permit requirements, reduce costs or water footprint, Envirogen offers a broad portfolio of technologies for the discharge phase of your facility. These include conventional treatment technologies and advanced, proprietary systems.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment

  • MBR (membrane bioreactor)
  • FBR (fluidized bed reactor)
  • SCR (suspended carrier reactor)
  • Recycle water systems
  • Rinse water recovery

Conventional Wastewater Treatment

  • Phys-chem treatment
  • Coagulation & sedimentation
  • Direct filtration

Odor Control

Food and beverage plants often create odors from the production process or the wastewater treatment areas. Besides the obvious producers of noxious odors such as meat, poultry and fish processing, other manufactured products such as chocolate, coffee, and flavorings may also develop unacceptable levels of odors in their processes and come under pressure from local residents to address the nuisance issue. 

In addition, beverage manufacturers typically generate significant volumes of wastewater laden with organics and solids that typically will produce malodorous compounds.
For such food and beverage odor sources, Envirogen has treatment solutions to handle difficult nuisance odors such as hydrogen sulfide, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, ammonia, and mercaptans, as well as various volatile organic compounds, eliminating the problem so the air can be discharged to the environment.

Envirogen offers a state-of-the-art portfolio of biological treatment systems – including biofilters, biotrickling filters and combinations of the two technologies – in both standardized and custom designs to treat the odors generated in food and beverage plants. Our systems handle a broad range of contaminants and flow rates – from 120 to over 100,000 cfm.  Where necessary, carbon adsorption systems can be added to enhance the treatment of difficult contaminants or for polishing to low discharge levels to meet state and local air quality regulatory programs.

Envirogen’s biotreatment solutions are the result of more than three decades of experience in managing industrial and municipal emissions, featuring advanced engineering concepts that can be tailored to provide a low lifecycle cost solution in your facility.  Click here for Envirogen’s Odor Control Brochure 

Product Purification and Catalyst Recovery

The Envirogen team has proven capabilities in developing product purification, product recovery and catalyst (metals) recovery processes. Our design and engineering teams deliver cost-effective system designs and ongoing services to improve manufacturing operations through development and application of various purification and recovery techniques.

Capabilities include removal of a variety of constituents from process liquids, such as alcohols, and other food and beverage fluids. We provide catalyst (metals) recoveries from product or waste streams.
We work with the client’s technical teams providing research and development studies of the process from bench scale and demonstration/pilot scale which leads to the final design and process of the full-scale commercial system.

Typical contaminants removed include ammonia, metals, organics and ionic contaminants. Proprietary and patented technologies for purifying process streams yield operational improvements while meeting environmental and financial goals.

Research, Development and Piloting Capabilities

In addition to designing full scale systems, we also offer small, bench-scale studies and on-site pilot-testing to validate system design and fully meet the client’s requirements. Using fundamental research, we can identify the optimal and most effective system for a particular treatment.

Envirogen Integrated Operations Services for Food and Beverage Plants

Sophisticated Solutions for Complex Operating Environments

Envirogen’s experience with water treatment technologies has allowed us to develop a knowledge-base that makes us uniquely suited to operate and manage these systems. We offer a range of operations & management solutions with a services scope and program length that are based on the needs of our customers and their facilities. This includes design/build/operate options.

All of Envirogen’s operating solutions have the goal of maintaining optimal performance while delivering the best lifecycle cost. We can provide guarantees on our projects – for asset life, for performance and for operating and long-term costs. One of the commitments that Envirogen makes in our long-term partnerships with our customers is continuous improvement – in both operational performance and cost-reduction.

  • Predictable and guaranteed costs for the lifetime of the asset
  • Lower up-front capital cost
  • Guaranteed performance and regulatory compliance
  • Risk protection via performance and cost guarantees
  • Improved budget management
  • Cost-effective access to industry specialists
  • Continual process improvements

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