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EndoTherm Range – Healthcare Water Purification Solutions

Is your Sterile Processing Department (SPD) prepared for the new water quality standard, ANSI/AAMI ST108:2023?

It’s crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure your SPD is fully equipped for this new standard, replacing the previous AAMI TIR34 guidelines. AAMI ST108, the first of its kind, places significant emphasis on water system design, monitoring, testing, and maintenance to uphold the highest standards of sterility during reusable medical device processing. By proactively preparing for this transition, you can guarantee a smooth shift while upholding optimal sterility in your SPD. Envirogen’s EndoTherm water purification systems for healthcare markets are here to provide the ideal solution for your SPD’s water purification needs.

Compact Footprint: Exceeding Standards - with Guaranteed Performance

EndoTherm systems stand out in the market for its unique advantages, offering unparalleled performance and compliance:

  • Unrivalled compliance with a guarantee: EndoTherm is the only proven product known to exceed the AAMI ST108 standard and includes a performance guarantee.
  • Smallest footprint in the industry: This is advantageous for facilities with space constraints such as SPD, endoscopy, and decontamination areas, where efficient use of space is critical.
  • Robust case studies and comprehensive list of reference sites: Demonstrating proven effectiveness and reliability.

Leverage 15 Years Extensive Expertise and R&D

EndoTherm harnesses Envirogen’s proven, extensive world-class expertise, leveraging more than 15 years of R&D experience in UK healthcare as the only proven product to exceed the ANSI/AAMI ST108:2023 standards. The UK, recognized for its exceptionally high-water quality standards in surgical cleaning facilities, is the base for hundreds of EndoTherm systems. These systems, supported by robust case studies and a comprehensive list of reference sites, demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of EndoTherm.

Meeting an equivalent standard in the UK in 2008, EndoTherm has established itself as a leader in the industry. This early compliance has equipped us to confidently introduce EndoTherm to the United States market, offering superior quality and performance in healthcare water purification. Significantly, EndoTherm stands out with the smallest footprint in the industry, making it an ideal solution for space-constrained and crowded environments in SPDs, endoscopy, and decontamination areas.

EndoTherm RO Systems: Reliability you can trust

Envirogen work with the biggest decontamination equipment manufacturers across the world, delivering some of the best purification and dispense rates in the business. Whether you’re operating a small satellite endoscopy department or running a large multi-washer sterile processing department, we offer market-leading solutions to feed:

• Endoscope Washers
• Washer-disinfectors
• Sterilizers

Accessing a whole range of water purification equipment and technologies, including:

• Reverse osmosis water treatment
• Ultrafiltration (UF)
• Ultraviolet sterilization (UV)
• Ion exchange systems
• Particulate filtration
• Range of support services to protect your water treatment and water filtration systems

EndoTherm water purification: Designed to meet AAMI standards

We supply a range of EndoTherm reverse osmosis water purification systems to meet every demand. These systems are designed to produce water that meets AAMI water quality specifications by integrating water purification, distribution, and data monitoring for reliable performance. Whether you have one endoscope washer or multiple washers we can size an EndoTherm solution to meet your requirements:

• EndoTherm Mini – our small footprint model, simplex system, with a single RO stream for supply to single or multiple washers – various outputs are available.
• EndoTherm Duo – with a duplex RO system – one stream can be fully functional during ongoing maintenance and servicing, providing uninterrupted supply – various outputs, models and options are available.
• EndoTherm Modular – reliable, duplex reverse osmosis plant for large, centralised endoscopy and sterile processing departments.

With its compact design and efficient functionality offering the smallest footprint in the sector, all EndoTherm systems come with performance guarantees, PureCare service contract options, and access to our remote diagnostics monitoring programs.

An EndoTherm Duo compact duplex RO system
(picture shown includes a duplex water softener, break tank and pump set)

Decontamination: Pure water supply for endoscope washers

Endoscopes are expensive and delicate reusable medical devices, but their frequent use and invasive function mean that they must be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with the use of an endoscope washer. These advanced machines clean endoscopes to extremely high standards. Without the benefit of high sterilizing temperatures, a supply of high-quality purified water is crucial to the performance of these machines. Only the purest water can ensure that endoscopes are thoroughly disinfected preventing cross-contamination.

Envirogen EndoTherm water purification systems supply purified water for endoscope washers. They are recommended by many manufacturers due to the high-water quality achieved meeting all current standards. These include HTM01-06 (Health Technical Memorandum 01-06) in the UK, ISO15883 (International Organization for Standardization 15883) internationally, AS/NZ 4187 (Australian and New Zealand standard for reprocessing of reusable medical devices), and AAMI ST108 (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation ST108) in the US. The Envirogen EndoTherm Mini, EndoTherm Duo, and EndoTherm Modular can provide the perfect solution for your endoscope washer facility.

Decontamination: Pure water solutions for central sterile supply departments

We know that central sterile supply departments (CSSD) and sterile processing departments are busy production lines, processing hundreds of sets of surgical equipment a day, with the precision and attention to detail required when there is no room for error. Whether you have a single washer in a satellite location or a centralised department with multiple washer-disinfectors and sterilizers, you need a high quality, pure source of water to ensure compliant results.

EndoTherm Duo for smaller CSSD departments

The EndoTherm Duo is the perfect partner for smaller sterile supply departments for supplying single or multiple washer-disinfectors and sterilizers. The EndoTherm CSSD system is a complete, standalone, water purification system delivering reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet treatment and ultrafiltration processes to remove ions, solid particles and dissolved molecules, bacteria and endotoxins.

The resulting pure water is supplied at an elevated temperature of typically between 140-158°F (60-70°C), reducing process times within washer-disinfectors.

The EndoTherm Duo range is available in a variety of sizes and offers duplex RO options for continuous supply even during maintenance. And of course, all systems are fully compliant with the latest guidelines, including HTM01-06, HTM01-01, ISO15883, EN285, AS/NZ 4187 and AAMI ST108.

EndoTherm Modular for larger CSSD departments

As hospitals move to more centralised facilities, consolidating their resources and saving money, CSSD requirements change. Larger departments require more bespoke solutions, delivering a reliable source of pure water, when it’s needed, with no interruption to supply.

The EndoTherm Modular is a range of duplex RO systems designed to meet the water quality standards of HTM01-06, HTM01-01, ISO15883, AS/NZ 4187 and AAMI ST108. This modular and upgradeable range can be set to operate at ambient or elevated temperatures (user adjustable) with automatic thermal sanitisation taking place out of hours.

A combination of reverse osmosis, ultra-violet disinfection, sub-micron filtration and constant recirculation all work together to maintain maximum water quality at a range of dispense rates matched to single or multiple decontamination equipment needs. Each system is based on four prefabricated modules for fast installation and optimum use of available space.

Our expert team of engineers take the time to understand your requirements and challenges on site and then design the solution to match. Our dedicated project managers ensure that each project runs to schedule with no impact to your day-to-day operation. We’ll even loan temporary process equipment whilst the work is underway to ensure that there is no effect on your capability whilst installation takes place.

All EndoTherm Modular systems include performance guarantees and offer PureCare service contract options, along with access to our remote diagnostics monitoring programs.

An EndoTherm Modular duplex RO system.

PureCare Priority Response and support services

Breakdowns and disruption in supply can have costly implications, resulting in cancelled operations, temporary ward closures and bad publicity. That’s why we offer comprehensive service plans, suited to your needs, to ensure your systems continue to work in excellent order.

Designed specifically with healthcare in mind, our PureCare Response package offers:

• Planned service and maintenance on all water treatment and process machinery
• Guaranteed onsite breakdown response within 24 hours if included in the maintenance plan
• Emergency telephone support 24/7

We also offer a range of more comprehensive water treatment plant maintenance support services, including all repairs and callout charges.

PureCare Remote View
Introducing PureCare RemoteView, our advanced remote monitoring and management system designed to empower you with complete control over your water treatment plant. Gain immediate access to real-time feedback on operating parameters and proactively avert unexpected disruptions by monitoring crucial thresholds. Harness the power of production output and performance data analysis to optimize efficiency, supplemented by invaluable guidance from our expert Service team. With PureCare RemoteView, take charge of your reverse osmosis plant like never before.

PureCare RemoteView is secure, resilient, and created with the highest level of end-to-end cybersecurity in line with international security standards; plus industry 4.0 guidelines to ensure that your operation is fully resilient.

Water Sampling – accredited laboratories
Envirogen work with several independent accredited laboratories to perform water tests. This forms part of our service and maintenance contracts (PureCare Priority Response) for healthcare markets.

Case Studies

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