Advanced Metals Removal System With Zero Valent Iron

Selenium, Chromium and Arsenic Removal Using Zero Valent Iron Media

The Technology

Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) media effectively neutralize or eliminate specific pollutants, without generating toxic byproducts. The ZVI media reacts with the contaminants and removes them from the contaminated water.

Our Product

While ZVI has been used for in-situ applications in the form of a permeable reactive barrier (PRB), Envirogen has developed an alternative use of ZVI in an active water treatment system. Our proprietary Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) can be engineered to address specific contaminants, influent concentrations, and effluent limits for your application. The AMRS relies on Zero Valent Iron technology to deliver high removal efficiencies of selenium, chromium and arsenic from water allowing customers to comply with stringent wastewater discharge permit limits.


Envirogen’s Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) equipped with Zero Valent Iron media can be employed for applications with very low effluent limits for difficult to remove metals such as selenium, chromium and arsenic. It is employed primarily for groundwater and wastewater remediation.

Envirogen Experience

A recent pilot study for treatment of coal ash pond water has demonstrated the effectiveness of the AMRS with Zero Valent Iron to reduce selenium levels to single digit parts per billion, even when faced with the more difficult-to-treat species such as selenate.

To learn more about Envirogen’s pilot success in CCR Ash Pond Water, download our Case Study here.

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Advanced Metals Removal System with Zero Valent Iron