Biotrickling Filter and Biofilter Systems

Integrated Biotrickling Filter and Biofilter Systems

Envirogen integrated biotrickling filter and biofilter systems provide some of the most technically advanced solutions for mid-range air flow odor and volatile organic compounds (VOC) control applications. Integrated biotrickling/biofilter systems consistently remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to above 99% levels and can remove other compounds in the over 95% range.

The result of 25 years of research, design and operating experience, these systems combine the high performance of a biotrickling filter design in removing H2S with the VOC; and reduced sulfur compound efficiencies of a biofilter. Both are housed in a single, prefabricated fiberglass system that offers ease of installation and small system footprint.

Key Advantage – Multi-zone Treatment for Odor and VOC Control

Envirogen biotrickling filter and biofilter technology systems can be configured to offer multiple zones of treatment – for efficient and cost-effective management of complex air streams. Biofilter trickling design is integrated with biofilter system configuration that can feature up to three different ‘ecozones’ – employing different media, pH, humidity and flow design.

Our advanced odor and VOC control system design allows the growth of micro-organisms that target specific contaminants in the air stream more effectively and efficiently than a single media system can allow. Furthermore, it also allows for optimization of media life and leads to lower long-term operating costs for both energy and media.

Envirogen integrated biotrickling filter and biofilter systems offer robust and sustainable solutions in VOCs and in odor control:

  • Reduced chemical usage/storage
  • Contaminant destruction
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower overall emissions
  • Adaptation to changing odor sources and levels
  • Over 130 biofilter technology systems installed at over 90 locations

Key features:

  • External irrigation piping for easy maintenance and inspection of nozzles
  • FRP frame and panel construction without metal support structure (no corrosion)
  • Zonal irrigation control
  • Ease of Installation (modular)
  • “Drop and Load” (i.e., drop unit on pad, then load media)
  • Overall “box” profile is sleek and clean (as option, exterior shell can be color-matched to WWTP/site architecture)

The Envirogen integrated biotrickling filter/biofilter systems range

Integrated biotrickling filter and biofilter system configurations

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