Pre-Engineered Concrete Biofilter - Built-in-Place Solutions

Pre-Engineered Concrete Biofilter - Built-in-Place Solutions

Envirogen built-in-place biofilters are pre-engineered designed solutions for mid- to high-air flow volatile organic contaminant (VOC) and odor control applications. These build in place (BIP) biofilter technology systems are employed in point source or centralized emissions control applications, for air flows ranging from 1,000 to well over 100,000 cfm. Concrete biofilter BIP installations are based on standardized system components and multi-bay designs to lower installed costs, increase flexibility of design, and allow for expansion as plant needs change and evolve.

Built-in-Place biofilters
Individual corrosion-resistant concrete-foundation biofilter bays are covered with UV-resistant FRP or aluminum. Organic or inorganic biofilter media is customized to contaminants, treatment requirements, and cost considerations – and can be guaranteed for up to 10-years of life. These advanced build in place concrete biofilter systems include irrigation and nutrient supply, featuring a programmable logic controller that monitors temperature, humidity, pressure, low pressure drops and fluid levels.

Built-in-place biofilter technology for exacting process control
Envirogen built-in-place biofilters feature the latest concepts in odor control solutions and VOC control system design. They can be configured to include both biofilter and biotrickling filter designs for multi-zonal treatment – allowing them to efficiently address H2S, reduced sulfur compounds (RSC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Beyond standardized bay designs, Envirogen can tailor custom built-in place biofilter to available space in a facility.


Envirogen modular biofilter technology offers robust and sustainable solutions:

  • Efficient contaminant destruction
  • Reduced chemical usage and chemical storage
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Lower overall emissions
  • Adaptability to changing emission sources and levels
  • Over 130 biofilter technology systems installed at over 90 locations

Key Features:

  • FRP construction without metal support structure (no corrosion)
  • Long media life (guaranteed) – numerous media available with to 10-year warranty
  • Ease of Installation (modular)
  • “Drop and Start-up” (i.e., drop unit on pad, pre-loaded media)
  • Single or dual-zone media tailored to air influent & treatment goals
  • High degree of automation & process control

The Envirogen modular biofilter range

Envirogen custom build biofilter solutions: high-volume, centralized treatment with low lifecycle costs

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