EcoRange – Complete Water Treatment Technology

High quality, modular technology with a low total cost of ownership

EcoRange is our core water treatment technology range. Each modular solution is pre-engineered with Envirogen’s latest technology, providing the very best quality and reliability with a low total cost of ownership.

EcoRange contains a wide range of water treatment products and technology. They are tried, tested and installed in a wide variety of businesses, across many industry sectors, throughout the world.

If you’re looking for value for money, combined with unparalleled water and energy efficiency, EcoRange delivers this all.

An EcoRange solution for every water treatment challenge

Every water treatment process has its challenges, whether you’re filtering particulate from surface water, removing iron from borehole sources, treating towns/mains water or recycling water streams for efficiency. Each process has parameters for both flow rate and water composition but the technology to perform these tasks often has common components.

We developed EcoRange to be modular – providing a low-cost option based on tried and tested water treatment technology. Our EcoRange is flexible – operating within strict and specific parameters to achieve the exact water quality that your business needs.

EcoRange products can be integrated into existing water treatment processes and are the perfect partner for a system upgrade or modernisation plan. With flexibility at the core, these compatible products can replace key sections while maintaining the integrity and operation of the total water treatment plant.

We’ve put decades of experience and research into our core product range, each model delivers the highest possible water and energy savings, helping our clients to meet their environmental commitments while saving money.

By choosing EcoRange water treatment technology, you get:

• Low-cost installation using pre-engineered technology to save long and complex design processes
• The latest water treatment technology, constantly evolving to comply with the latest regulations and environmental requirements
• Water and energy savings throughout your water treatment process
• Low total cost of ownership with a lower capital cost
• Flexible and adaptable technology that can grow with your business
• Systems that are optimised for straightforward service and maintenance

EcoRange Products

A range of base exchange industrial water softeners , using high-efficiency ion exchange resin. Reduce water hardness to less than 4ppm with flowrates of up to 100 gpm.

Our high efficiency water softener , using counter-current technology to deliver huge salt and water savings. A compact design with high flow rates of up to 225 gpm of softened water at less than one ppm total hardness, all while using up to 60% less salt and 80% less effluent wastewater than a conventional water softener plant.

Create highly purified water streams without the use of chemicals with our high efficiency, low energy reverse osmosis plant – utilizing latest RO technology to achieve up to 90% water recovery rates.

Next-generation deionized water systems , creating exceptionally low conductivity streams for demanding applications. Featuring counter-current regeneration for high-quality treated water, low chemical usage and low wastewater production.

Create high purity demineralized water with a demineralization plant that intelligently responds to changes in incoming water stream composition . Significantly reduce regeneration times and effluent streams with EcoPure.

Eco MultiPro
All-in-one multi-technology RO-EDI plant – designed to deliver high purity water, using a three-stage, chemical-free process. Incorporates reverse osmosis technology (RO) along with electrodeionization (EDI) and carbon dioxide (CO2) degas membranes.

A full range of Envirogen consumables are available with every model in the EcoRange as well as service and maintenance plans to ensure an ongoing low total cost of ownership.