EcoDI – The Next-Generation Deionized Water System

Advanced deionizer technology

EcoDI is our most advanced deionized water system and is a new addition to Envirogen’s core EcoRange products, offering professional water treatment products and services. EcoDI’s intelligent monitoring system and counter-current regeneration program provides a new, higher level of water efficiency, delivering ultra-pure water streams with lower chemical usage.

The Envirogen EcoDI family of “Next-Generation” water deionizer systems (EcoDI and EcoDI+) contain advanced deionization technology and comes with PLC controller and color touch-screen HMI for easy system programming. It covers flow rates from 1.5 gpm to 60 gpm, delivering purified water with conductivity less than 5 µS/cm for EcoDI+ and less than 30 µS/cm for standard EcoDI systems. The EcoDI industrial deionized water system is ideal for a range of uses including boiler feed, power generation, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics and automotive manufacturing applications.

Generate ultra-low conductivity water streams with EcoDI+

This two-bed deionized water system uses advanced water purification technology to deliver extremely low conductivity water streams – as low as 5 micro-siemens per centimeter (µS/cm). Our latest counter-current regeneration technology achieves market-leading low wastewater volume and low energy usage rates.

Cation and anion exchange resin beds remove unwanted charged particles from the water, replacing them with hydrogen (cation) and hydroxide (anion) ions that combine to generate demineralized water with very low conductivity.

The resulting deionized water is perfect for use in a wide range of demanding processes such as chemical processing (including petrochemicals), power and energy generation and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics and automotive manufacturing.

Simple yet effective design

reducing start-up time. With simplicity at its core, each EcoDI and EcoDI+ model is fully automated and requires minimal operator involvement. Feed conductivity is monitored with the regeneration systems optimized through programming to maximize uptime and productivity while minimizing chemical usage and wastewater volume. Each deionized water system is controlled by an easy-to-use control panel with a touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI).

Choose from nine standard EcoDI models, delivering a flow rate from 1.5 gpm up to 60 gpm with product water conductivity of <30µS/cm, or choose from nine EcoDI+ models, using counter-current technology to deliver flow rates of up to 60 gpm with a conductivity of <5µS/cm.

For larger demineralized water demands, discover our EcoPure range of demineralization products, achieving flow rates of up to 265 gpm.

Is EcoDI the right industrial deionized water system for your application?

Best for:

• Generating ultra-pure deionized water streams
• Very low conductivity of <5µS/cm
• Small to medium flow requirements
• Demanding applications, such as industrial manufacturing processes requiring water treatment services
• Meeting sustainability targets and delivering low operating costs

EcoDI delivers:

• A low total cost of ownership
• Next-generation demineralization plant technology with counter-current regeneration technology
• Reduced wastewater versus traditional deionization and demineralization systems
• Reduced chemical demand
• Easy programming with HMI interface for ease of operation
• Automation built-in as standard for optimal operation
• Fast and straightforward installation, integrated with existing water treatment processes
• Straightforward service and maintenance

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