EcoPure – Advanced Demineralization Plant for Ultra-Pure Water

Efficiently create high-quality demin water with a demineralization plant

One of Envirogen’s core EcoRange products , EcoPure is an advanced demineralization plant. The EcoPure product generates ultra-pure, low conductivity water with 30% fewer chemicals and 30% less water and energy usage than a traditional industrial water system.

A more efficient journey to pure water - EcoPure

The EcoPure demineralization plant generates deionized and demin water streams obtaining very low conductivity of less than 0.1 micro siemens (µS/cm) utilizing the latest demineralization water technologies. EcoPure demineralization process uses cation and anion exchange resins housed in two pressure vessels to remove unwanted charged particles from the water. The resulting low conductivity pure water contains less than 20 parts per billion (ppb) of silica.

Cations, such as calcium, magnesium and sodium are exchanged for hydrogen, while chloride, sulphate, nitrate, and bicarbonate ions are exchanged for hydroxide ions. The hydrogen and hydroxide ions then combine to generate pure water with very low conductivity.

The resulting deionized water is ideal for use in industrial processes such as surface finishing, cosmetics production, pharmaceutical rinse water and boiler feedwater.

For demineralization plant requirements with conductivity as low as 5-30 µS/cm – discover our range of EcoDI modular deionizers.

Intelligent design for a total low cost of ownership

EcoPure is included in our core range of water technology products thanks to decades of investment, research, and innovation. Installed in industries across North America and Europe, EcoPure is one of the leading demineralization plant solutions, thanks to its intelligent monitoring and efficiency programs, delivering a 30% reduction in chemical usage and 30% reduction in wastewater volume during regeneration cycles. The low-pressure design ensures low energy use for a low total cost of ownership.

The EcoPure systems are supplied in a standard packaged format and skid-mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, pre-tested and pre-commissioned prior to dispatch. With nine standard models to choose from ranging from 45 to 265 gpm.

Each demineralizer package comes with Envirogen’s intelligent monitoring system. This automated software continuously checks incoming water flows and responds to fluctuations in quality. This optimizes the regeneration frequency, resulting in guaranteed, high-quality demineralized water, a reduced chemical requirement and less wastewater. These optimizations result in minimal downtime for regeneration, with each regeneration running for just 30 minutes.

Our variable frequency drive motor further reduces energy usage and noise by reducing the operating pressure of the system, without impacting water quality.

EcoPure Systems are Best for:

• Generating ultra-pure deionized water streams
• Very low product water conductivity streams, as low as 0.1µS and < 20ppb silica
• Demanding applications such as paint finishing, pharmaceutical rinse water, healthcare process water and boiler feed water
• Reduced operating costs in high volume processes

EcoPure systems deliver:

• 30% reduction in chemical use compared to a traditional demin systems
• 30% reduction in water use for regeneration cycles
• Significant energy savings
• Maximum productivity through automated monitoring
• Straightforward service and maintenance


• From nine different models of demineralization plant
• Flow rates from 45-265 gpm
• Automatic and manual regeneration options
• Bespoke deionized water system configurations are available for very high flow rates and high-load streams

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