EcoRO – High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Plant

Chemical-free industrial reverse osmosis plant for high-purity water streams

One of Envirogen’s core EcoRange products, EcoRO is a high-performing reverse osmosis plant for industrial water processing. Generate high purity water streams, safely, efficiently and effectively, with low water and energy usage and no chemicals.

Achieve up to 90% water recovery rates

High purity water streams are essential to many industrial and manufacturing processes, particularly in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, power and energy and electronics industries.

Our EcoRO industrial reverse osmosis plants use high pressure to force water through a semi-permeable RO membrane, removing 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, pyrogens and suspended solids and 96-99% of dissolved ions and organic compounds. The resulting high-quality permeate is perfect for use in a wide range of applications from boiler feed water through to food and beverage production, metal finishing, and healthcare applications.

EcoRO water purification systems are also ideal for water reuse and recycling streams, reducing wastewater and helping businesses reach sustainability targets. EcoRO is so efficient that it reaches a water recovery rate of up to 90%.

Reverse osmosis plants to meet every requirement

Our EcoRO range features many different models to meet every water standard and flow rates are available from 5 gpm to 500 gpm – with RO plant solutions available for even the most demanding applications.

Because EcoRO is a membrane-based technology and requires no chemical handling or storage, it is the ideal choice for businesses that prefer not to have chemicals on site. Thanks to its unique design, EcoRO reverse osmosis plants can run continuously with no regeneration needed. High-purity water streams are available when you need them, 24-hours a day.

For low flow rates, our new, space-saving EcoRO Compact model combines high-performance with cost-effective operation to deliver flow rates of 250 – 1,000 litres/hour (1 gpm to 5 gpm). With an internal AB Airgap break rank, EcoRO Compact requires no additional external equipment or chemicals and comes pre-assembled, tested and skid-mounted for easy integration with existing processes.

Our EcoRO models aren’t just effective, they’re efficient too. Reverse osmosis technology works at ambient temperatures and uses less energy and water than traditional demineralisation systems. Our RO plant water systems can be designed to deliver water recovery rates of up to 90%, helping businesses to work towards high sustainability standards while ensuring optimal quality.

Best for:

• High purity processes such as ingredient water and pharmaceutical rinse wate
• Low conductivity streams
• Boiler feedwater
• Water recycling and reuse

EcoRO delivers:

• Up to 90% water recovery
• Removal of 99% of suspended and colloidal solids, dissolved ions and organic compounds
• Removal of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and pyrogens
• Low operating costs and total cost of ownership, particularly when used with Envirogen consumables
• Purified water streams without the use of chemicals
• RO units with compact design
• Easy operation with a simple-to-use control panel
• Straightforward service and maintenance


• From different RO water system models with flow rates ranging from 1 to 500 gpm
• Fully stainless steel versions to meet hygienic conditions
• Bespoke water purification system configurations to meet every requirement
• Additional upstream water processing equipment to protect reverse osmosis plant against scaling and contamination and extend RO membrane life

Case Study :

Reverse osmosis plants in action: Discover how Honda used EcoRO to meet sustainability targets while generating 300 gpm of purified water.

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