EcoSave – High Efficiency Water Softener for Unparalleled Savings

Save up to 80% effluent water and 60% salt with EcoSave water softener plant

One of Envirogen’s core EcoRange products, EcoSave, stands out as the most efficient water softener system on the market. This compact, high-efficiency water softener boasts a space-saving design and delivers high-flow softened water, making it an ideal choice for numerous industrial processes.

Achieve your efficiency and environmental targets with EcoSave

Softened water is essential to many industrial and manufacturing processes, and it protects boilers, cooling towers, pipework and machinery from the damaging effects of scale.

EcoSave is our most popular and efficient industrial water softener and is part of our core EcoRange of water treatment products . This high-efficiency water softener plant may be compact, but it provides a flow rate of up to 225 gpm of softened water at less than one ppm total hardness, all while using up to 60% less salt and 80% less effluent wastewater than a conventional system.

The secret lies in its unique counter-current regeneration system and conductivity sensors. Together these technologies prevent over rinsing and waste during the regeneration stages.

EcoSave is an ultra-efficient water softener plant and delivers typical payback periods of between six to 18 months.

“Compared to the former water softener plant, we’re saving more than $25,000 each year. We used to receive a salt delivery every six weeks, now we only need one delivery every five months. Despite the low price of salt and a water hardness level of only 130 ppm, our entire investment will have paid off in just 18 months.”
Cooling Plant Manager

Make immediate savings with EcoSave

Best for:

• High flow rates
• High purity processes
• Areas with very hard water
• Protection for downstream membrane filtration systems

EcoSave high efficiency water softeners deliver:

• Up to 80% reduction in wastewater
• Up to 60% reduction in salt costs
• Improved water quality of less than 1ppm total hardness (compared to 10-30ppm for traditional water softener plant)
• Typical payback within six to 18 months
• A proven route to meet environmental targets
• 24-hour operation with duplex configuration
• Straightforward service and maintenance


• Flow rates of between 40-225 gpm
• Larger bespoke models for higher flow rates
• Additional water hardness alarms to adjust dosing according to water hardness changes

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