Bag Filtration

Envirogen offers a comprehensive line of bag filters to cover most coarse clarifying filtration needs. Products offered include:spacer

Fluxflo Series filter bags are made using the highest quality filtration media including felt, meltblown and monofilament media. Fluxflo filter bags provide the highest particle retention efficiency and largest solids-loading capacity for your industrial filtration requirements, across the full range of micron ratings from 0.5 to 1200 microns.

Filter Bag Key Features

  • Available in all the most common industry sizes including size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4
  • Readily retrofit most industrial bag filter housings
  • Choice of materials and media types for optimal particle retention efficiency and solids-loading capacity
  • Micron Ratings from 0.5 to 1200 Microns
  • Materials of construction include Polypropylene, Polyester, and Nylon
  • Media options include Monofilament mesh (for precise pore size & reusable applications), Melt Blown microfiber media (for high efficiency clarifying applications), and Felt media (for high solids retention)
  • Available with steel, stainless steel and polypropylene rings or a polypropylene flange with integral handles for positive sealing

Bag Filter Product Range

  • Polyester and polypropylene felt (0.5 to 200 μm)
  • High efficiency polypropylene meltblown (0.5 to 50 μm),
  • Oil absorbing (1 to 100 μm)
  • Nylon monofilament mesh (5 to 1200 μm).

Fluxflo Range of Filter Bags Product Datasheet