Ultrafiltration for High Solids

Envirogen crossflow Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems are tubular membranes with Helix technology, designed to whisk contaminants away from the membrane surface to prevent fouling.spacer

APPLICATIONS – For removal of submicron particulate in food & beverage, metals removal following co-precipitation, concentration of fermentation broth, purification of yeast solutions, concentration of biomass, produced water (oil/water separation), and paper mill effluent.

PRODUCT RANGE – Hydrophilic tubular PVDF membrane, 5.2 or 8 mm bore size, 0.03 μm pore size. Inside/out flow direction for more effective cleaning and longer life. Membranes are housed in 8″ x 3-meter PVC modules with up to 6 modules per bank, and up to 4 banks per system.

FLOW RANGE – 1 to 800 GPM

Download Ultrafiltration for High Solids Systems Datasheet