PureSep MF Membrane Filtration Systems

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PureSep MF membrane filtration systems

Clarification is a critical stage in the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages (such as beer, wine and cider), vinegar and fruit juice. It’s important that suspended solids and microorganisms are removed to reduce haze, produce a standardised taste profile and improve shelf life. Membrane filtration provides effective, efficient and high-quality clarification as part of wider filtration processes.

Traditional, two-stage diatomaceous earth (DE) and sheet filtration clarification methods are labor-intensive, inconsistent and wasteful, which can lead to increased operating costs and reduced yields.

Envirogen’s PureSep MF membrane filtration systems – including beer membrane filtration (BMF) – provide superior, high-quality clarification and increased yields in a compact modular design.

Membrane filtration equipment specially designed for the clarification of alcoholic beverages, fruit juice and vinegar

PureSep MF is our next-generation range of hollow fiber membrane filtration systems. Built on the success of our PureFlow and installed in factories across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, this new range has been specifically designed for beer membrane filtration and the clarification of wine, cider, vinegar and fruit juice.

PureSep MF systems are single-step, membrane filtration solutions, designed to improve product quality and consistency while reducing costs and waste streams. The PureSep MF 100 model is optimised for the clarification of wine, cider, vinegar and fruit juice, while the PureSep MF 600 model is specifically designed for beer clarification.

PureSep MF 600 single-step, membrane filtration solution, specifically designed to improve beer quality and consistency while reducing costs and waste streams.

Each system includes Envirogen’s own Envi-BMF (beer membrane filter) or Envi-WMF (wine membrane filter) units. Each hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) hollow fiber membrane features an extra-wide, 1.5 mm lumen for excellent solid retention capacity and superior filtration quality.

Easy operation and straightforward maintenance are key to the PureSep MF system. Single-stage clarification is achieved with no additional treatment steps or additives. Cleaning protocols are automatically scheduled when the filters become saturated and require no manual intervention or hazardous cleaning fluids. The removal of chemical costs and the reduced labour requirement deliver significant efficiency savings while reducing environmental impact.

PureSep MF membrane filtration systems are the latest evolution of our tried and trusted PureFlow (crossflow filtration) models:







Left picture: PureFlow 16-module membrane filtration system installed for J Wray & Nephew’s Jamaican Winery. Right picture: PureFlow membrane filtration system installed at Halewood International winery in Liverpool, UK.

Membrane filtration equipment built for customization and integration

The PureSep MF range is based on a modular design and can be fully customizable to meet manufacturers’ exact requirements. The compact, skid-based systems slot easily into existing processes and even congested operational environments.

PureSep MF 100 and 600 models can operate as standalone units, provided with a complete control system and Siemens PLC touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI) as standard. With integration becoming an important feature of modern manufacturing processes, PureSep MF systems can be easily connected to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for complete control and even remote monitoring.

Find out more about our range of PureSep MF (crossflow filtration) wine and beer membrane filtration systems.

High-quality, efficient and reliable clarification technology

When you make the switch to PureSep MF membrane filtration technology you invest in future-proofed technology with immediate benefits:

  • Excellent clarification standards – with high levels of microbe and suspended solids removal.
  • Consistent membrane filtration performance with low nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) output.
  • Increased product yields, versus two-stage DE and sheet filtration.
  • Reduced energy and labor costs – single-stage membrane filtration equipment that requires no additional additives or processing.
  • Hygienic design – with stainless steel frames, pipework and process valves with an average roughness of less than 0.8 ra.
  • Full automation – for easy operation and cleaning with PLC control processes.
  • Low capital investment per ft² of surface area.
  • Remote monitoring and data trending – for further optimization and efficiency savings.
  • Maximized production volumes – with in-time process control and automatic pressure and flow control managed via inverter drives, PID loops and a PLC control panel.
  • Complete control – with Siemens PLC and touchscreens supplied as standard, along with Endress instrument suite.
  • Futureproofed flexibility – modular skid designs enable easy expansion should production volumes increase.
  • Ongoing support and full lifecycle value – with supporting service and maintenance packages.

Find the PureSep MF system to meet your clarification needs.

Futureproofed, modular skid designs that grow with your business

PureSep MF membrane filtration systems are fully customizable with the flexibility to change and grow as your production demands evolve. Manufacturers can choose the configurations and bolt-ons that achieve process-specific clarification standards without the cost of a fully custom-made system.


Expandable skid design

PureSep MF’s flexible skid design enables additional membranes to be added as production demands increase.

Filtrate back pulse bolt-on

A filtrate back pulse unit can be added for challenging products. The system reverses the filtrate flow to breakdown the gel layer inside the membrane lumen. The disruption decreases trans-membrane pressures and increases production volumes.


Feed and filtrate tanks

Separate feed and filtrate tanks can be added for independent wine conditioning. Vessels are pressure-rated for isobaric operation and include an internal spray ball for clean-in-place (CIP) operation.

Clean-in-place bolt-on

CIP chemical dosing tanks, bunds and associated instrumentation can be added to PureSep MF skid for independent cleaning of the membranes and associated tanks. The automated cleaning protocols reduce chemical handling and associated health and safety risks.

PureSep MF range of membrane filtration systems for every application

PureSep MF range of membrane filtration systems for every application

PureSep MF systems are available in two main ranges:

  • PureSep MF 100 range – for wine, cider, vinegar and fruit juice clarification
  • PureSep MF 600 range – for beer membrane filtration and clarification

The number of membranes can be adjusted to increase membrane filtration surface area and achieve different flow rates.