Phys/Chem Process

Envirogen focuses mainly on the final, more difficult treatment phases of a wastewater treatment process. However, we also can provide the primary physical chemical treatment steps such as pH control, coagulation, flocculation, deaeration, clarification and dissolved air flotation.

This upfront treatment is often required to prepare the water stream for treatment by one of our advanced biological or ion exchange processes.spacer

For example, physical chemical (phys/chem) treatment may be employed to remove the bulk of contamination. The first step may involve raising the pH by adding caustic soda or other lime softening solution, which will cause certain dissolved metals to precipitate from solution. This step is followed by adding coagulants and polymers, to enhance precipitation, and then finally clarification and filtration.

Once this primary phase is completed, additional advanced treatment steps can be added to remove specific targeted contaminants, like selenium, mercury and arsenic.

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