Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M)

Optimized Solutions for Complex Operating Environments

Envirogen offers a broad range of services for plant management, operations and service of complete treatment systems that may include Envirogen equipment or equipment provided by other manufacturers.

These Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services have been successfully provided to an extensive list of private and public sector water treatment clients for over 30 years. Our method of service delivery closely integrates engineering, construction and O&M personnel throughout the project to provide innovative, cost effective solutions. Envirogen works closely with each client to provide the appropriate level of service to meet customer and project needs. This approach results in lower project life cycle costs, consistent compliance and excellent system performance.

Treatment System Management • Operations • Maintenance Engineering

Guaranteed Performance

All of Envirogen’s operating solutions have the goal of maintaining optimal performance while delivering the best lifecycle cost.

Our experience and expertise allow us to provide guarantees on our projects we operate and maintain – for asset life, performance and operating and long-term costs with a focus on continuous improvement.

An Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program offers these performance guarantees based on services scope, program length, and the level of our involvement with the on-going operation of these systems.

We Work For You

Envirogen is often retained by engineering firms, consultants, industry professionals and system owners to provide assistance in resolving particularly challenging treatment issues, complying with aggressive scheduling concerns, and reducing project life cycle costs for water treatment system upgrades and new construction.

Through practical experience acquired over the last 30+ years in working with system owners and engineering firms, Envirogen has acquired strong skill sets that apply practical, empirical and theoretical knowledge to provide superior technical solutions for our clients. Our exceptional safety, compliance, construction and operations & maintenance record with over 125 water treatment systems has resulted in significant cost reductions, permit compliance and near 100% system run time.

System-Based Operating Services

Envirogen’s depth of experience offering a broad portfolio of leading-edge technology in biological treatment and physical-chemical treatment for water, wastewater, vapor phase and material recovery applications, makes us well qualified to operate and maintain these systems.

Our unique blend of technology & equipment expertise, process development and design capability and operating experience makes us a highly competent partner in delivering operating and facility management solutions.

Envirogen Experience

Experience You Can Count On

Groundwater Treatment/Remediation – Envirogen has provided operating and maintenance services for over 100 groundwater treatment systems in North America – handling a very broad range of contaminants and multi-contaminant sites. Operating experience includes industrial sites, superfund sites, landfill leachate, soil remediation and municipal potable water treatment. This experience has involved a broad range of groundwater treatment technologies.

Selected Project Experience

Superfund Operations – Over the last 30 years, Envirogen has provided a broad range of services to Superfund sites in North America. Our offering for Superfund sites is integrated and includes advisory services, design/build and construction management as well as comprehensive long-term operations & maintenance. As a company, we are familiar with Superfund stakeholder needs and the regulatory environment. Envirogen offers a broad range of highly qualified operations personnel to these projects.

Selected Project Experience

Food & Beverage Water Management – Envirogen is one of the leading global providers of end-to-end water management solutions to the food & beverage industry. We deploy and operate systems that treat incoming water, in-process water and wastewater – as well as odor & emissions control systems. Technologies we manage include filtration, ion exchange & demineralization, disinfection & sterilization, membrane technologies and a broad range of wastewater treatment solutions. Envirogen specializes in water re-use and recovery and lowering a facility’s overall water footprint.

Selected Project Experience

Industrial Wastewater Treatment – For chemical, hydrocarbon processing and a broad range of manufacturing facilities, Envirogen has provided design/build, operations and facility management services for industrial wastewater applications. Our personnel have experience with numerous wastewater treatment technologies and we can provide O&M services that range from licensed operators to turnkey DBO solutions.

Selected Project Experience

Stormwater System Management and Operation – Envirogen has a broad range of experience assisting facilities with the management and operation of their stormwater facilities. Our personnel have been involved from plan development and troubleshooting to complete operation of systems from office campuses and industrial facilities to tank farms.

Selected Project Experience

Air/Emissions Treatment – Envirogen has experience with over 120 odor & emissions control installations in North America treating hydrogen sulfide, reduced sulfur compounds, VOCs and HAPs. We have multi-technology operating experience and can provide periodic system maintenance, media changeouts, and facility upgrades as part of our services.

Envirogen Integrated Operations Services