Groundwater Remediation

Design, Installation and Operating Support for Groundwater Remediation

The Envirogen team has a successful history of developing solutions for responsible parties accountable for treating and managing contaminated groundwater. Our successes at industrial, commercial, agricultural and military sites produce water suitable for reinjection, re-use or surface discharge.spacer

We are very familiar with the requirements imposed by state and federal remediation project regulations and operating protocol. We work with our customers who require groundwater remediation on an on-going basis to provide expert advice in process optimization and operator training to effectively meet regulatory requirements at a variety of remediation and Superfund sites.

Should it fit the customer’s needs, we can also provide long-term operation and maintenance services for our systems, which allows Envirogen to guarantee ongoing achievement of the performance goals of the system.

Proven Technology Portfolio

In the United States, Envirogen has over 30 installations of our fluidized bed reactor technology (FBR) for groundwater remediation applications, treating organic and inorganic contaminants and has demonstrated the ability to treat multiple targets effectively.

We also have extensive experience with high-performing ion exchange (IX) technology in treating groundwater as well as traditional pump and treat installations.

Our membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) offers solutions for groundwaters with recalcitrant organics, high contaminant concentrations, or for sites where system footprint is a concern.

Operations Support

From small pump and treat systems, to designing large scale systems for treating several thousand gallons per minute, Envirogen can help optimize groundwater remediation processes and reduce O&M costs. Unlike most other environmental remediation contractors, Envirogen provides a wide range of services in addition to our core O&M business.

  • Permitting – Air, Land Use
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Process control & optimization
  • System upgrades – design and construction services
  • Treatability studies
  • Instrumentation installation, maintenance and calibration
  • Automation and SCADA system integration
  • Almost all service, repairs and maintenance are provided by our highly trained operators, mechanics, licensed electricians and instrumentation specialists with very little usage of subcontractors.

For more information on our Integrated Operations Services, go here.

Superfund Site Water Treatment

Envirogen personnel have decades-long experience supporting activities at Superfund sites. We have provided and executed design/build and comprehensive operations & maintenance programs for several Superfund clients on both the East and West coasts, and have also upgraded several systems by installing new process equipment, SCADA and automation controls.

Representative Superfund Projects

USEPA Region III Superfund Site (Design-Build-Operate) – The scope of work included treatability studies, system design, construction, startup and O&M for a 75 gpm pump and treat system. The groundwater remediation system includes nine extraction wells and trench system, flow equalization, air sparging, metals precipitation, greensand filtration, liquid and vapor phase carbon and sludge thickening and dewatering. Envirogen operated the system from completion of construction in May 2002 through 2015 with excellent run time and a 100% compliance record.

USEPA Region II Superfund Site (Design-Build-Operate) The treatment systems provided by Envirogen included: two large air sparge (AS)–soil vapor extraction (VE) systems (220 AS wells, 80 VE wells); a pure oxygen, 180 well point, biosparge system with onsite oxygen generation; and a trailer mounted AS-SVE system used for treatment of contaminated “hot spots”. The groundwater remediation system at one of the sites was closed down after 3 years when clean up criteria was attained; the other site operates periodically as needed.

USEPA Region III Superfund Site (Design-Build-Operate) – Envirogen provided design, construction and O&M services for this 50-gpm groundwater extraction and treatment system. This groundwater remediation project included an innovative design that resulted in significant cost savings for design, construction and O&M. The treatment system includes a 2,000-foot long double wall force main, automation for unattended operation; flow equalization/air sparging tank; metals precipitation; greensand filtration; liquid phase GAC; sludge conditioning; filter press; effluent holding tank; and vapor phase GAC system.

USEPA Region II Superfund Site (Comprehensive O&M Services) – Envirogen provides comprehensive O&M services for this highly automated, 305-gpm groundwater remediation system. The treatment system includes extraction wells, flow equalization, pH adjustment, chemical feed systems, metals precipitation, fluidized bed reactors, pressure filtration, air stripping, groundwater reinjection, sludge conditioning and dewatering and off-gas treatment with activated carbon.

USEPA Region II Superfund Site (Comprehensive O&M Services, System Re-build) – The treatment system is housed in a historic building to fit well with surrounding dwellings. Envirogen provides comprehensive O&M services for the system that includes recovery wells, flow equalization, pH adjustment, filtration, shallow tray air stripping, liquid phase carbon, ion exchange, off-gas treatment with catalytic. When a fire damaged the building, we responded by rebuilding the groundwater remediation system within an aggressive construction schedule.

USEPA Region II Superfund Site (Comprehensive O&M Services) – Envirogen provides comprehensive O&M services for this 50-gpm groundwater remediation system. The treatment system includes extraction wells, flow equalization, chemical feed systems, air stripping, pressure filtration, liquid phase granular activated carbon, discharge to surface water, sludge thickening and conditioning, sludge dewatering and off-gas treatment with a catalytic oxidizer and scrubber.

USEPA Region II Superfund Site (Design-Build-Operate) Envirogen provided treatability testing, pilot testing, process design, construction oversight, startup and long term O&M services for a 175 gpm groundwater remediation system that includes extraction wells, chemical oxidation, flow equalization, phys/chem metals removal, biological treatment, filtration and granular activated carbon. Solids are thickened and conditioned for dewatering with a plate and frame filter press. The system discharges to surface water with 100% compliance with the discharge permit.

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