Improve the Environmental Footprint of Manufacturing

From process design to DBO installations, Envirogen purifies in-process and byproduct streams, manages difficult-to-treat wastewaters and provides answers for vapor phase emissions and odor control.

About Envirogen Technologies, Inc.

Envirogen Technologies is a 21st century environmental technology and process solutions provider that combines experience in water and vapor phase treatment with a track record of exceptional performance, allowing us to deliver long-term, guaranteed solutions in a broad range of treatment and process-related applications. Today, we provide system design, process engineering, equipment systems and operating solutions for the treatment of groundwater and wastewater, waste reduction, VOC/odor abatement and resource recovery for a range of industrial and non-industrial customers throughout the North America, as well as internationally.

Technology-based solutions.
Process engineering.
Low lifecycle cost.


A primary focus for Envirogen is the concept of ‘lifecycle performance,’ in which we provide guaranteed, pay-for-performance, long-term solutions at predictable costs over the lifetime of an equipment installation or process solution. The effective performance of our technologies and our experience in implementation, and our relationship with our clients allows for the most efficient use of capital and operating resources, and reduces the risks associated with investments made in environmental or process-related systems.

Headquartered in Kingwood, Texas, Envirogen has sales offices and technical facilities in Texas, Southern California, Memphis and Ewing, New Jersey. These regional centers provide support for Envirogen’s operations throughout the United States and Canada. 

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