Biological Treatment Vapor – Biofilter Technology

Biological Treatment Vapor - Biofilter Technology

Envirogen’s biofilter technology systems safely destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and odor-causing chemicals. These systems provide an attractive alternative to standard thermal, chemical and adsorptive processes to treat air pollutants safely, reliably and cost effectively, with low capital and operating costs.

Our state-of-the-art portfolio includes biofilters, biotrickling filters and combinations of the two technologies – in both standardized and custom designs. Envirogen can provide solutions for a broad range of contaminants and flow rates from 120 to over 100,000 cfm. Envirogen biofilters are the result of more than three decades of experience in managing industrial and municipal emissions, featuring advanced engineering concepts that can be tailored to provide a low lifecycle cost solution in your facility.

Biofilter technology that is sustainable and highly effective

Biofilters use naturally occurring microorganisms to treat air containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) compounds, VOCs and other odorous substances. Foul air is collected and sent to the biofilter where microorganisms metabolize the target contaminants to clean the air stream.

Biofilter technology is ideally suited for contaminants that are low molecular weight, polar and readily biodegradable. They are particularly effective for low loading applications at high flow volumes. You can achieve removal ratios in excess of 95% for water soluble compounds and 90% for BTEX and similar compounds. Furthermore, biofilters are extremely effective in treating odors caused by H2S and other reduced sulfur compounds. Greater than 99+% H2S removal and 90+% odor removal are common.

Envirogen biological vapor phase treatment systems offer the following features:

  • Cost effective – very low operating costs.
  • Reliable – over 130 biofilter technology systems installed in over 90 locations.
  • Simple operation – minimal maintenance.
  • High removal efficiencies – useful for broad range of contaminants and can be combined with other treatment technologies to reduce costs and improve performance.
  • Broad range of configurations – adaptable for different influent air and loading rates

As stand-alone systems or in combination with other emissions control technologies, Envirogen biofilters offer an inherently sustainable solution with ease of operation and very low operating costs.

Advanced biofilter technology for managing a range of industrial and municipal applications:

  • Asphalt manufacture
  • Chemical processing
  • Coatings manufacture
  • Composting
  • Food processing
  • Fragrance manufacture
  • Landfill gas/leachate extraction
  • Petroleum and refining
  • Pulp and paper manufacture
  • Rendering
  • Wastewater collection and pumping
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wood products

Biofilter technology solutions tailored to your requirements and your facility

Modular Biofilters (HIPB Series)
For lower air flow rates and sites requiring a smaller system footprint, Envirogen modular biofilters deliver reliable, cost-effective performance. These engineered pre-fabricated fiberglass systems come in a range of standard configurations and can be adapted to flow and loading requirements. They can be shipped with all media pre-installed are easily installed at the site. Our modular industrial modular biofilters (I, H Series) can handle from 100 to 8,350 cfm air flows based on size and loading. The I-series modular biofilters feature internal humidification and irrigation systems.

Biotrickling Filters (BT Series)
Envirogen biotrickling filters are vertically-oriented vessels filled with an inorganic media featuring 100% water recirculation. Their unique design can address high concentration of H2S odor control in areas where space is at a premium – offering a shorter retention time and higher throughput than a conventional biofilter. They can also treat high concentrations of VOCs and be chemically augmented when needed. The recirculation water maintained in the tower allows for optimal control of pH, nutrient levels and biofilm thickness. In some applications, an intermittent, single-pass irrigation system can be supplied, eliminating the need for a recirculation pump.

Integrated Biotrickling and Biofilter Systems (BTBF Series)
The result of 20 years of research, design and operating experience, Envirogen’s biotrickling filter designs and integrated biofilter technology systems are some of the most technically advanced solutions for low- to moderate-flow applications available. These systems combine the high performance of a biotrickling filter in removing H2S, with the VOC and reduced sulfur compound efficiencies of a biofilter in a single, pre-fabricated fiberglass system that offers ease of installation and a small system footprint. One of the design advantages of the integrated Biotrickling and biofilter system is that it can be configured to offer multiple zones of treatment – for efficient and cost-effective management of complex air streams.

Built-in-Place Biofilters (BIP Series)
Envirogen built-in-place systems are custom made biofilter technology systems designed for mid- to high-air flow VOC and odor control applications. Installations are based on standardized multi-bay designs and system components to lower installed costs for air flows ranging from 1,000 to 72,000 cfm. They can be configured with both biofilter and biotrickling designs for multi-zonal treatment. Envirogen built-in-place biofilters are intended for centralized treatment solutions and are ideal for emissions control in industrial manufacturing applications.

Vapor phase carbon polishing systems

Envirogen vapor phase carbon polishing (VPC) systems are designed to provide the finishing treatment for a biofilter or biotrickling filter. Biological systems are good for steady state conditions but are slow to react to spikes.  Therefore, we typically recommend our VPC line to complement our vapor phase biological systems to ensure the odors are not detected. Our VPC line is a series of pre-designed round carbon polishers with monitoring ports.

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