Chemical Processing

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Today’s chemical industry employs sophisticated technology and expertise to create the building blocks of the worlds’ manufacturing capability – with intense pressure to reduce costs and to meet environmental regulations that are more complex and more stringent every day. Continuous improvement in process design, process engineering, quality, environmental performance and cost performance is a part of the fabric of the chemical industry professional’s life.spacer

Envirogen offers a broad portfolio of specialized technologies that can help chemical manufacturing facilities reach processing, product recovery, cost reduction and environmental goals at a variety of locations in the facility. We develop solutions for air treatment and emissions control, a broad range of water, groundwater and wastewater treatment challenges, as well as materials recovery and process improvement activities that help reduce costs, improve quality performance and meet environmental targets.

Important features of our work for the chemical industry include Envirogen’s expertise in process development and solutions design and our emphasis on developing long-term relationships with our clients that can include design/build/operate options. Each of these aspects targets the developing of low lifecycle cost solutions to accompany the systems we install.

Air Treatment & Emissions Control

With our sustainable emissions control offering, Envirogen has a unique approach to managing VOCs, HAPs and odor for industry. Through the use of our biological treatment technology our emissions control solutions for the chemical industry are high-performing, safe, and offer very low long-term operating costs. They are among the greenest technologies on the market – offering the ability to reduce chemical and energy consumption, the opportunity for recycle/re-use and can lower your carbon footprint compared with other treatment technologies.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Envirogen personnel have decades of experience in solving a broad range of water and wastewater challenges for industry – from the front to the back of a facility and beyond the fence. In developing our solutions, we employ specialized, high performing unit processes backed by sophisticated process design. Our personnel have experience in design, installation, start-up and operations – so that you know that the full life-cycle of your installation is considered when you work with us.

Materials Recovery, Product Purification and Catalyst Recovery

Through decades of work with ion exchange and adsorbent media, Envirogen has specialized expertise in the area of waste minimization and materials recovery – including metals (Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, etc), catalysts (molybdenum and cobalt), solvents, amines and more. These systems are custom-tailored to the application and are available as a process package or a full DBO solution.

The Envirogen team has proven capabilities in developing product purification, product recovery and catalyst (metals) recovery processes. Our design and engineering teams deliver cost-effective system designs and ongoing services to improve manufacturing operations through development and application of various purification and recovery techniques.

Capabilities include removal of a variety of constituents from process liquids, such as alcohols, non-polar and polar organic solvents, glycols, alkanolamines, food and beverages. We also provide purification and separation technology for aqueous and non-aqueous specialty chemicals, such as surfactants, active pharmaceuticals, water soluble polymers, electronic chemicals and synthetic lubricants. We provide catalyst (metals) recoveries from product or waste streams.

We work with the client’s technical teams providing research and development studies of the process from bench scale and demonstration/pilot scale which leads to the final design and process of the full-scale commercial system.

Typical contaminants removed include ammonia, metals, organics and ionic contaminants. Proprietary and patented technologies for purifying process streams yield operational improvements while meeting environmental and financial goals.

Learn more about our proprietary process of recovering cobalt during the production of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) by reading the Application Brief – Cobalt Catalyst Recovery from PTA.

 In the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin manufacturing process, not only were we able to purify spent ethylene glycol, and recover antimony catalyst for reuse, but we also helped the client eliminate millions of pounds of waste and save millions of dollars annually.

Case Study – Glycol Purification System for Polyester Resin Plant

Application Brief – Ethylene Glycol Purification

Process Improvement

The Envirogen team has proven capabilities in delivering cost-effective system designs and ongoing services to improve manufacturing operations through purification of in-process product or byproduct streams. We also have extensive experience in end-to-end process water treatment solutions.

Advantages of Envirogen’s Designs for Process Improvements:

  • Improved product quality and gains in manufacturing throughput
  • Reduction or elimination of waste residuals generated for disposal
  • Long experience in applying ion exchange and membrane filtration technologies for metals recovery
  • Allows client to focus capital resources on core business while receiving financial and environmental benefits

Regeneration Services

The Envirogen National Service Center offers a complete program for maintaining customer ion exchange and adsorptive media systems for optimum performance and low operating costs. Our program includes an option where customers can send their resin tanks, supersacks or totes to us for regeneration. Alternatively, we can provide Envirogen owned tanks and exchange them periodically for tanks with new or regenerated resin. Our service covers regeneration and servicing of ion exchange resin and media that are not designated as hazardous wastes (e.g. F006 RCRA listed). Customers rely on Envirogen for regeneration services for high purity, mixed bed, two bed, softening, and metals removal services to meet process or discharge requirements.

Envirogen regeneration services are offered either on an as-needed basis or as part of a comprehensive service contract. Learn More about Regeneration Services here

Research, Development and Piloting Capabilities

In addition to designing full scale systems, we also offer small, bench-scale studies and on-site pilot-testing to validate system design and fully meet the client’s requirements. Using fundamental research, we can identify the optimal and most effective system for a particular treatment.

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