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Envirogen has extensive experience providing environmental technology and process solutions to over 100 clients in North America. This experience includes the design and installation of proven technology and extends to the on-going operations & maintenance activities.

Today, we provide system design, process engineering, equipment systems and operating solutions for the treatment of groundwater, process water and wastewater, VOC/odor abatement and resource recovery for a range of industrial and non-industrial customers throughout North America, as well as internationally.

  • Solutions for treatment of metals, oxyanions, organics, and inorganics
  • A broad technology toolbox including our cornerstone Fluidized Bed Reactors, regenerable Ion Exchange Systems, zero valent Iron systems and biofiltration
  • Wealth of in-house engineering expertise to deliver the best solutions for your specific issues
  • Integrated, packaged systems from one vendor
  • Consultative approach for a wide range of markets, with particular focus on Mining, Power Generation, and Remediation
  • 30+ years of experience in solving the most difficult water treatment problems
  • Over 100 installations in North America
  • Design, installation, commissioning and operations & maintenance expertise

Our expert staff is ready to help with your Wastewater and Contaminant Projects.