Ultrafiltration for Clean Water

Envirogen modular Ultrafiltration Systems feature hollow-fiber membranes that flow inside-out, for more effective cleaning, longer life, and no exterior abrasion of fibers. Either dead-end or partial cross-flow configurations offered.spacer

APPLICATIONS – Ideal for removal of submicron particulate in potable or process water applications even with incoming water turbidity as high as 250 NTU.

PRODUCT RANGE – Vertically oriented Hydrophilic hollow-fiber membrane, 0.8 or 1.5mm bore size, 0.02 μm pore size. Modular systems with up to 12 modules per bank and 2 to 4 banks per system.

FLOW RANGE – 13 to 507 GPM

Download Ultrafiltration for Feed Water Systems Datasheet