Water Treatment Systems & Products


Envirogen Technologies, Inc. has a wealth of experience designing complex water systems ranging from commercial and industrial clean water treatment systems to highly engineered custom wastewater treatment plants and groundwater remediation solutions.

In every case, Envirogen applies our expertise to assess the treatment objectives and evaluate contaminant interactions. This allows us to recommend and design the most effective, cost-efficient, fully-integrated system to address your problems. We back that system with on-site installation, start-up, and service according to your needs.

The process begins with the definition of the problems faced. In many cases, more than one technology will solve the issue. The key is defining the optimum total solution.

For small to mid-size operations, the most effective solution may consist of our pre-engineered individual components that are integrated into one comprehensive solution.

For large and more complex water treatment problems, our experienced engineering team will design a custom water treatment plant that is dedicated to solving your particular treatment issues.

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