Water Softeners

Envirogen offers a complete range of commercial and industrial water softeners to reduce hardness in water (primarily calcium and magnesium). Industrial customers rely on Envirogen water softeners to prevent scaling and fouling of RO membranes, which can lead to permanent RO flux decline and loss of water quality requiring expensive cleaning or replacement. Water softeners also help to prevent scaling of pipes, boilers, etc.spacer

Boiler feed water in particular can benefit from water softening when water hardness is an issue. An Envirogen water softener can reduce the calcium and magnesium compounds that can scale boiler components.

Our extensive product range features FRP water softener tanks and polyethylene brine tanks. Carbon steel tanks are an option. Systems are configured in single, duplex, triplex or quad systems when uninterrupted water flow is required, and standard systems are co-flow regeneration.

Water softener systems are sized for flows up to 900 GPM and have the capacity to handle from 40,000 to 4,000,000 grains of hardness. Control valves allow for manual or auto regeneration based on volume or time.

Download Softeners Datasheet