EcoSoft – Your Cost-Effective Industrial Water Softener

Straightforward and reliable industrial water softeners

EcoSoft is our modular industrial water softener, delivering scalable systems available to meet all flow rates and water requirements. As part of our EcoRange of core products, EcoSoft is your cost-effective, efficient solution to water hardness.

EcoSoft – trusted, tried, and tested technology

An industrial water softener is important in many industrial applications. Scale, caused by calcium and magnesium ions in hard water, can cause long-lasting problems, blockages, and inefficiencies in heating and cooling processes.

These inefficiencies soon add up, leading to increased energy and water costs as systems struggle to cope.

Envirogen’s EcoSoft water softener plant provides cost-effective and reliable softened water through proven technology, using high-efficiency ion exchange resin. Our effortless systems are in use in businesses large and small, in a wide variety of sectors, around the world.

Robust and durable water softener efficiency – your reliable partner

EcoSoft works using ion exchange technology with high-efficiency softening resin to remove hardness-causing ions and replacing them with sodium ions. Our seamless pressure vessels are engineered from high-quality glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) providing a modular solution that can be easily integrated into existing water treatment piping.

Available in a range of designs, EcoSoft can run 24-hours a day for high demand applications and reach flow rates of 2 gpm to 100 gpm.

Utilizing a multiport control valve, regeneration cycles are automated and can be set to run based on water volume through put or time intervals, allowing for planning and forecasting.

If you’re looking for a high efficiency water softener plant to deliver high flows with reduced water and salt usage – check out EcoSave – it’s the most efficient water softener system on the market.

Make immediate savings with the EcoSoft industrial water softener

Best for:

• Low to high flow rates
• High purity processes
• Areas with very hard water
• Protection for downstream membrane filtration systems
• Industrial boiler and cooling tower makeup
• Manufacturing and production process water requirements

EcoSoft delivers:

• High-quality softened water
• 24-hour operation with duplex or triplex systems
• A robust and reliable water softener plant, based on decades of proven technology
• Complete modular systems with all associated fittings, tanks and vessels
• Easy integration with existing water treatment processes
• Straightforward service and maintenance


• From a wide range of industrial water softener models in various designs
• Flow rates from 2 gpm to 100 gpm
• Time or water meter-controlled regeneration cycles
• Simplex, duplex or triplex configurations, depending on your plant uptime requirements

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