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Lifecycle Cost Assurance Programs

Protecting Your Investment. Reaching Your Goals.

At Envirogen Technologies, we understand that by far the most important - and often the most expensive - part of a treatment system installation is the operating cost over its 10- to 20-year life. If the long-term operating costs of a system are not properly considered along with the invested capital, the system may not achieve the efficiency or financial performance originally expected of it.

With our Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Programs, we work with our clients to achieve the lowest lifecycle cost. These Programs are tailored to the:

  • Needs of an individual customer.
  • System being provided by Envirogen.
  • Operating environment of the facility.

Elements of an Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program range from basic O&M support services, or the assignment of Envirogen supervisory and management personnel, to comprehensive operations programs wherein Envirogen becomes a single line item on the operating budget for the system in question. Elements can even include financing options for system design, construction and installation. An Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program is created by balancing initial design and installation costs with ongoing operating costs to develop predictable, reliable performance and optimization of the investment. They are designed to guarantee long-term performance, minimize the risks associated with system investment and bring clarity to the long-term budgeting process.


A range of options for your system installation

The people of Envirogen have decades of experience in the implementation and operations of sophisticated environmental unit processes as well as in-depth expertise with the technologies we provide. Now, we offer a range of operating options related specifically to the systems we provide. They support our technology and ensure optimal operation of the systems we install. All these Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Programs contain an environmental, health and safety element with emphasis on personnel safety and good housekeeping practices.

Potential elements of an Envirogen Lifecycle Performance Program can include:

Operations & Maintenance Support Services wherein trained Envirogen field service technicians handle regular maintenance and monitoring on systems, based on manufacturers’ guidelines and process requirements, and provide emergency services in the event of a system outage.

Operations Management Services wherein senior Envirogen personnel work directly with facility management, its A&E consultants and/or as a subcontractor to the owner’s service provider to develop goals and standard operating procedures for the installation. Our supervisory and management personnel can help you achieve cost reduction strategies, process improvements based on state-of-the-art experience, SCADA/telemetry interfaces, regulatory support and budgeting assistance.

Comprehensive Operations Programs offer a single-source responsibility option in which Envirogen manages and undertakes all activities related to the operation of the system. This includes interaction with facility ownership, its A&E firm and/or service provider, managing and conducting operations, maintenance and monitoring services. This comprehensive program can also include procurement (chemicals and consumables, supplies, etc.) and residuals management. 

For a full range of activities that can be considered in an Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program, click here.


Experience can provide guaranteed results

Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Programs typically run 10 to 20 years or more, with the length generally following the anticipated life of the system in question. Guarantees are provided for system performance, operating cost components, asset life and overall lifecycle cost. In addition, Envirogen can provide guarantees for cost elements such as utility consumption and chemical usage for the life of the contract.

Best practices for advanced technology installations

Increasingly, operating partnerships in which technology suppliers work with facility management are considered a 'best practice' - particularly when dealing with sophisticated technologies, difficult performance criteria or financially sensitive product recovery goals. While Envirogen's technologies have been proven over a number of years to be extremely effective in meeting environmental treatment objectives, the operation of the technologies in real-time, with fluctuating environments requires significant expertise. Through the resources and experience that Envirogen Technologies brings to design, fabrication, installation, and long-term operation, significant value can be realized via an Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program. These include:

  • Predictable and guaranteed costs for the lifetime of the asset
  • Guaranteed performance, repair and maintenance costs, and regulatory compliance
  • Opportunities for cost reduction through process improvements, capital improvement and energy/chemical savings
  • Risk protection via performance and cost guarantees
  • Improved budget management (avoid unbudgeted cost excursions)
  • Cost-effective access to industry specialists
  • Continual process improvements
  • Better utilization of capital
  • A comprehensive EH&S Program

Which elements of the Envirogen Lifecycle Cost Assurance Program are right for your facility? Click here to find out.


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