Innovative Metals Recovery

High performance adsorption & ion exchange solutions that recover metals and catalysts for reuse in a broad range of process environments.


Potable Water

Traditional supplies of drinking water are becoming compromised from natural contaminants and pollutants introduced from agricultural and industrial activity. In certain regions within the United States, supply is diminishing as drought, contamination and overuse reduce availability. As demand increases, water providers search for water resources to allow them to supply pure, safe drinking water.  Basically, there are two options: develop or purchase alternative water supplies, or treat existing sources of water.

Envirogen's targeted technology portfolio and site-tailored solutions allow water providers to tap into available groundwater supplies, economically treat to remove harmful contaminants and control ongoing treatment costs.

The capabilities of our team have been proven through installation and support of wellhead treatment and multi-well, central treatment units for the removal of specific contaminants for flows ranging from 50 gallons per minute (gpm) to 6,000 gpm. We have deployed solutions based upon ion exchange, adsorptive media, coagulation filtration and biological systems to remove a range of contaminants to serve potable water supply needs.

Groundwater Remediation 

The Envirogen team has a successful history of installing systems to effectively treat groundwater contamination from past industrial, commerical, agricultural and military activity to produce water suitable for reinjection, reuse or surface discharge. The high performance bioreactor technology in our portfolio has been deployed against a number of difficult treatment problems with great success and has demonstrated the ability to treat multiple targets effectively.

Our commitment goes beyond simply saving our customers money while delivering sound designs and functioning equipment. We are very familiar with the requirements imposed by state and federal remediation project regulations and operating protocol. Hence, we work with our customers on an ongoing basis to provide expert advice in process optimization and operator training to effectively meet regulatory requirements.

Should it fit the customer's needs, we can also provide long-term operation and maintenance services for our systems, which allows Envirogen to guarantee achievement of the performance goals of the system.

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Process Water

Envirogen has technology and process expertise to deliver solutions for water treatment in cooling, cleaning and other uses in process and manufacturing plants.  


Today, increasingly stringent effluent guidelines combined with the rising costs of operation has prompted many municipalities and companies to focus attention on improving the performance and efficiency of wastewater treatment. 

The ideal treatment technology should offer a synergistic blend between treatment performance and operating costs. 

Envirogen designs water treatment systems to meet the treatment objective with the customer’s total cost in mind; optimizing performance while minimizing costs. 

Solutions are geared specifically to:

  • Municipalities, communities and utility operators
  • Commercial and manufacturing sites 
  • Chemical and refining companies
  • Mining and steel

Odor Control

Industry and municipal utilities are faced with challenges as they seek to comply with stringent air pollution regulations and odor complaints. 

Envirogen offers cost-effective biofilters as an ideal solution for the treatment of air pollutants and for the reduction of odors related to: 

  • Municipal wastewater collection and treatment
  • Pulp, paper and wood products processing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Petroleum processing
  • Food production
  • Paints, coating and printing operations 


Envirogen has specialized technologies for treating potable water, process water and wastewater for mining sites to meet the compliance, quality, reliability and cost efficiency requirements that the industry demads.

For example, Envirogen offers a technology portfolio designed to respond to the selenium treatment requirements of mining applications. Our patented fluidized bed reactor biological treatment technology has been proven as a 'best in class' approach for handling large flow rates of selenium-containing wastewater, with low capital and operating costs, and over a wide range of influent and discharge limit conditions.

On the low-flow end of the spectrum, our patented high efficiency ion exchange technology offers treatment solutions that can be highly tailored to variable waste stream compositions and overal treatment system configurations. These ion exchange systems offer a small footprint and minimal operational requirements, allowing them to be used in tight spaces or remote locations.

Our process for ammonia removal utilizes this same proprietary ion exchange technology to strip ammonia from contaminated mine water. This process allows mines to use efficient explosives - producing more charges per day and increased production.  

Hydrocarbon Processing

Envirogen offers bioreactor, biofilter, ion exchange and adsorptive media solutions for aqueous process streams, wastewater, vapor phase emission and odor control in downstream hydrocarbon processing operations.

Chemical Processing

The Envirogen team has proven capabilities in delivering cost-effective system designs and ongoing services to improve manufacturing operations through purification of in-process product or byproduct streams and to manage difficult-to-treat wastewater streams from chemical manufacturing operations with high efficiency bioreactor technology.


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