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 End-to-End Water Solutions…and Beyond

Envirogen offers state-of-the-art water treatment, process filtration and wastewater technologies, providing solutions at each stage of the food and beverage manufacturing process. In addition, we provide odor control through our Sustainable Emissions Control offering.

Our European affiliate – Envirogen Water Technologies – is a leading water, filtration and wastewater treatment providers for the food and beverage industry, with a track record of providing effective, reliable solutions to a broad range of customer types.

Envirogen Technologies for Food & Beverage Facilities

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Incoming Water Treatment

Treating and filtering water at the incoming stage is fundamental to the efficiency of the process further downstream. Raw water can be treated by a number of technologies, depending on your application.

Multimedia filtration solutions Disinfection & sterilization including chlorine dioxide
Adsorption: carbon & high-efficiency Softening
Ion exchange & demineralization

Membrane technologies including ultrafiltration & reverse osmosis

Cartridge filtration  

For a case study on incoming water, go here.

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Process & Reuse Water Treatment

Within your facility, process water treatment can ensure consistency, sterility, shelf-life and clarity. It’s at this stage that some process water used can be recovered for re-use – helping you reduce water footprint and achieve sustainability targets.

Membrane technologies including crossflow microfiltration, ultrafiltration & reverse osmosis De-aeration systems
Disinfection and sterilization including chlorine dioxide Cartridge filtration systems & consumables

Wastewater Treatment  

Whether your goal is to meet permit requirements, reduce costs or water footprint, Envirogen offers a broad portfolio of technologies for the discharge phase of your facility. These include conventional treatment technologies and advanced, proprietary systems.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Conventional Wastewater Treatment
MBR (membrane bioreactor) DAF (dissolved air flotation)
Anaerobic & aerobic treatment Phys-chem treatment
FBR (fluidized bed reactor) Coagulation & sedimentation
SCR (suspended carrier reactor) Direct filtration
Recycle water systems  
Rinse water recovery  

Cartridge Filtration Solutions

Envirogen supplies filter cartridges, bag filter systems and replacement filters using a wide range of depth and membrane filter media, with filtration ratings from 0.2 micron microbial to 200 microns absolute. These are used as prefilters, final filters and sub-micron membrane filters. Sanitizable systems and filters are also available.

For an overview of water management at craft breweries, go here.

Envirogen Integrated Operations Services
Sophisticated Solutions for Complex Operating Environments

 Envirogen’s experience with water treatment technologies has allowed us to develop a knowledge-base that makes us uniquely suited to operate and manage these systems. We offer a range of operations & management solutions with a services scope and program length that are based on the needs of our customers and their facilities. This includes design/build/operate options.

All of Envirogen’s operating solutions have the goal of maintaining optimal performance while delivering the best lifecycle cost. We can provide guarantees on our projects – for asset life, for performance and for operating and long-term costs. One of the commitments that Envirogen makes in our long-term partnerships with our customers is continuous improvement – in both operational performance and cost-reduction.

  • Predictable and guaranteed costs for the lifetime of the asset
  • Lower up-front capital cost
  • Guaranteed performance and regulatory compliance
  • Risk protection via performance and cost guarantees
  • Improved budget management
  • Cost-effective access to industry specialists
  • Continual process improvements

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