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Envirogen in the Power Industry

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The environmental challenges in today’s power generation facilities are more complex and costly than ever before. Envirogen offers a range of environmental and process solutions for water management that can help meet environmental goals and reduce costs.

Meeting emerging challenges

With new regulations in place covering Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Wastewater and Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs), Envirogen has leading-edge solutions for treating metals, selenium, nitrate and other contaminants.

Envirogen offers two complementary technologies for meeting the new nitrate and selenium ELGs: (1) the Fluidized Bed Reactor, and (2) the Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS).

FGD Wastewater

Today, Envirogen Technologies offers the most reliable biological technology for treating FGD wastewater: The Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR). In addition to delivering the most consistent removal of selenium and other metals, the FBR technology offers the benefits of greater system reliability and significantly lower costs than other commercially-available technologies. Envirogen has the broadest background and installation-base of biological treatment systems for both selenium and other oxyanions in the environmental industry. This track record of designing, building and operating biological systems offers the engineering community and power utilities a strong partner in developing reliable, least-cost solutions to managing FGD wastewater treatment operations under the new ELGs.

To provide further assurances of ELG compliance, Envirogen Technologies also offers secondary selenium treatment using a unique iron-based recyclable sorbent media. This Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) has been shown to reduce selenium to near non-detect levels, even during spikes in selenium concentration.

The addition of a polishing step using an advanced sorbent media downstream of the biological process will significantly reduce performance risk. Since many coal-fired power plants in recent years have become “peaking plants”, it is common for the FGD blowdown from these plants to contain elevated levels of selenium (i.e., “spikes”) during the peak production times. In fact, selenium concentrations in FGD blowdown water during these periods can be 10x or higher than “normal” selenium levels, resulting in temporary elevated levels of soluble selenium in the FBR effluent until the system acclimates to the higher feed concentrations. Secondary treatment using a sorbent media would significantly reduce compliance risk during these peak power production events.

To learn more about Envirogen's treatment options for FGD wastewater, download our whitepaper here.

CCR Management Services

In the area of CCR management, Envirogen offers a modularized solution for meeting water discharge requirements during coal ash dewatering and pond closure projects. Our base modular systems incorporate physical/chemical metals removal with the ability to “drop in” our Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) featuring Höganäs’ Cleanit® Technology. Validation studies conducted on coal ash pond water demonstrate the performance of the unique Cleanit® iron-based recyclable sorbent media for selenium removal to non-detect levels, even after spikes in the concentration. During field trials, Envirogen Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) featuring Cleanit® was able to remove selenate from 200-250 μg/l down to below 1 μg/l

The results speak for themselves:

(1) The Envirogen Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS) removed arsenic and selenium consistently to non-detect values, even at elevated concentrations and range of pH.

(2)Envirogen’s treatment system allows Power plants to meet EPA and more stringent local regulations for removal of lead, copper, thallium, arsenic and selenium.

(3) Treated water can be safely discharged to local waterways with no toxicity impact.

To learn more about Envirogen's pilot success in CCR Ash Pond Water, download our new Case Study here.

For sites where the aquifer has been impacted, Envirogen offers groundwater extraction and treatment systems for hydraulic control, removal of arsenic and other metals, O&M services and groundwater monitoring. For landfill leachate projects, Envirogen combines our metals treatment expertise with our FGD solutions to create a complete package for this often complex water. Envirogen has extensive experience treating selenium, arsenic, mercury, chromium, lead, thallium, iron, manganese, aluminum, vanadium, cadmium, copper and other metals.

Design, Build, Installation & Operations for your Power Plant

Envirogen has over 20 years of turnkey design, installation and O&M experience with dewatering and groundwater remediation projects at more than 100 sites. Our integrated O&M offering includes engineering and technical services as important components. This commitment of technical expertise in support of O&M allows us to adapt to changing conditions for maximum reliability.

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