Envirogen Launches EndoTherm Water Purification Systems in the United States for Endoscope Washer Facilities in SPDs/CSSDs

• Has the smallest footprint in the industry for space constraints and limited room in congested SPD, endoscopy, and decontamination areas.
• Meets the AAMI ST108 standard for SPDs – and is the only proven product that exceeds the ST108 standard that includes a performance guarantee.

Envirogen launches its thermal sanitization range of healthcare water purification solutions, EndoTherm, today. The range meets the new Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) ST108 standard for the cleaning of reusable endoscopes in sterile processing departments (SPDs), or Central Sterile Services Departments or CSSDs.

EndoTherm ensures the delivery of purified water to all makes and models of endoscope washers, autoclaves, washer-disinfectors, and sterilizers.

Says Envirogen Group CEO Joe Higgins, “AAMI ST108 is the first water quality national standard in the United States for the cleaning of medical devices. That’s a major step forward for the healthcare industry, where SPDs can meet the new standard immediately by deploying the proven EndoTherm.

“The range has the smallest footprint in the industry, ideal for space-limited areas such as SPD, endoscopy and decontamination departments. And not only does the range meet the ST108 standard for SPDs, but it is also the only proven product to consistently exceed this standard,” Higgins adds.

One of the three newly available reverse osmosis water purification systems from Envirogen.
Pictured is the largest model, the EndoTherm Modular.

Nationwide support

Established in the United States for more than 30 years and headquartered in Kingwood, Texas, Envirogen has sales and services offices and technical facilities in Texas, California, Tennessee, New Jersey and Florida. These regional centers provide support for Envirogen’s operations throughout the United States and Canada.

Driven by healthcare-associated infections

AAMI ST108 was driven by the increasing number of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that patients acquire when receiving healthcare. When water is not adequately treated it can be a source of cross-contamination of re-usable endoscopes and other surgical instruments, and therefore a threat to patient wellbeing.

The standard is designed to reduce the risk of HAIs by providing guidance on the selection and maintenance of water for the processing of reusable medical devices.

“By placing significant emphasis on water system design, monitoring, testing, and maintenance, AAMI ST108 enables SPDs to uphold the highest standards of sterility during the cleaning process of reusable medical devices,” says Higgins.

“SPDs that have not prepared for the new standard can do so now to ensure a quick and seamless transition and gain optimal sterility,” he adds. “In order to run at high standards and maximum efficiency, all sterilization and disinfection equipment relies on a supply of clean, pure water, free from particles, bacteria, and dissolved contaminants. That’s where AAMI ST108 and EndoTherm come in.”

Extensive expertise and R&D

EndoTherm harnesses Envirogen’s proven, extensive world-class expertise, leveraging more than 15 years’ R&D experience in UK healthcare to reach the standards targeted by AAMI.

“The UK has one of the highest water quality standards in the world for surgical cleaning facilities,” Higgins states. “Consequently, Envirogen has hundreds of EndoTherm systems installed there, supported by excellent case studies and reference site lists.”

EndoTherm systems, he points out, “Were proven to an equivalent standard in the UK in 2008, putting EndoTherm UK ahead of the curve in the United States. That’s why we can deliver now in the United States and have great confidence in the product,” says Higgins.

Sizes to fit any requirement

EndoTherm systems produce water that meets AAMI ST108 water quality specifications by integrating water purification, distribution, and data monitoring. Whether end users have one endoscope washer or multiple washers, there is a size to fit:

EndoTherm Mini: This small footprint model is a simplex system with a single RO stream for supply to single or multiple washers. Various outputs in terms of gallons per hour are available.
EndoTherm Duo: With this duplex RO system one stream can be fully functional during ongoing maintenance and servicing, providing uninterrupted supply. Various outputs, models and options are available.
EndoTherm Modular: This system is a duplex reverse osmosis plant for large, centralized endoscopy and sterile processing departments.

The EndoTherm easy-to-use control panel


Thanks to their compatibility, straightforward operation and slim design, EndoTherm systems are recommended by many Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AERs), washer, and autoclave manufacturers, because of the high-water quality achieved. The systems meet the highest standards in many parts of the world, including HTM01-06 (Health Technical Memorandum 01-06) in the UK, ISO15883 (International Organization for Standardization 15883) internationally, AS/NZ 4187 (Australian and New Zealand standard for reprocessing of reusable medical devices), and now AAMI ST108 in the United States.

EndoTherm’s track record and strict adherence to standards guarantees optimal cleaning reliability, and therefore minimum downtime and maximum operational efficiency.

In addition to EndoTherm, Envirogen provides an extensive range of pre-treatment water solutions, including water softeners to protect EndoTherm systems, and installation of ring main connections.

Partnering with Envirogen to meet compliance with AAMI ST108

SPDs can partner with Envirogen today to benefit from the company’s trusted solutions for healthcare water purification, and free consultation backed by deep experience in the sector. Find out more about EndoTherm in the United States by clicking here for more information.